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7 Tips To Prevent Your Talented Employees From Quitting

A talented employee should be treasured because replacing the said employee is a mammoth task that will not only cost you money but precious time too. The employees working under you will strive to do their best to get incentives for the betterment of their own self. This is the reason why most employees won’t hesitate to leave when they get something better than their current employment. Employee retention is a top priority for most companies—big or small and therefore it should be yours too.

7 Tips To Prevent Your Talented Employees From Quitting

  1. Recognize Their Achievements

Your employees need to know they are appreciated when they achieve something professionally or do their work. The most talented employees will be more in demand by your competitors because their skills would be more sought after. You need to provide enough incentives in the form of money or acknowledgement to give them a reason to stay. When you establish a relationship between them based on mutual respect and trust then your employees will want to stay.

  1. Don’t Micromanage

Most employees would agree with this because no one likes to be micromanaged, even when everything else in the workplace is working in their favor. In a recent survey, around fifty-seven employees confirmed that they would like to take more independent decisions when working. Therefore, give your employees the freedom to work in an independent environment and don’t micromanage everything.

  1. Maintain a Healthy Balance

The people working for you have a life outside their work and sometimes their personal obligations will take precedence over their work. You need to give them that flexibility to maintain a work-life balance because they might quit when they become overwhelmed with their responsibilities. Therefore, be reasonable when assigning work and also be flexible enough to grant a few liberties like work from home or flexible office timings etc. You can check out Bizneo HR for tips on the same.

  1. Conduct Training Sessions

It is a fact known to most that people want to develop relevant skills to advance in their careers. Many employees working for you will be looking for opportunities where they can learn more and get better in their work. To make them stay, it is encouraged to help them by providing training sessions where they can learn the skills that will be help them professionally. This way you can get more skillful employees and also help them realize their full potential.

  1. Be Open to Feedback

Always be willing to listen if your employees have a concern about the work environment or if they have any suggestions regarding any office work. You might not be willing to change everything that your employee has an objection to and that is alright. But you still need to heed their concerns and explain why you can’t follow their suggestion. When you are open to listening what your employees have to say, it shows how concerned you are when it comes to the well-being of your employees.

  1. Communicate More

Communication is a two-way street and when your employees are expressing their opinions about something, it is only fair that you do the same too. Internal communication is important in building teamwork and therefore if this is lacking in your workplace, pay special heed to the same. Share your thoughts and plans to create an atmosphere where everyone is free to voice their thoughts respectfully.

  1. Stay Away From Negativity

When you want to convey something that might not be well received, do it in a proper way. Regular and strong criticism will make even the strongest employee unhappy and he or she might quit. Try to keep the unpleasant memories to a minimum and convey whatever misgiving that you might have in a gentler way. The employee that truly cares will improve this way and will not resent you.

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