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7 Stats Every Video Marketing Needs to Know About Mobile

Video marketing is most efficient when the marketers make their strategy malleable. When an intractable approach is used in a video marketing effort, the strategy may not attain its highest capability.

Videos make any marketing effort easier, and more and more marketing strategies are tailored daily to incorporate videos. According to a blog post from, videos have an instant impact on stimulating customer attention, and can greatly increase turnover for a business through shares, generating leads and bringing in more sales.

Video marketing brings a greater chance of exposure to smaller brands, and further expands the popularity of the more established brands. However, just as we noted in the first paragraph, a rigid approach won’t do you much good nowadays. Let’s see why this is now the case.

Flexibility is now required in video marketing due to the rise of mobile devices. According to BlueCorona, mobile devices have continued to surpass PCs on the web when it comes to site traffic in recent years. This means that there is a need for a shift from the conventional PC-based video marketing to mobile marketing.

With all the stats flying around, it could be difficult to know where to begin. Reading through this article will give you accurate information on the ear-tingling stats that currently emanate from the mobile industry.

When you have knowledge of the facts driving the growth of the mobile market today, and how these relate to video marketing, your strategy will receive a huge boost.

Video Marketing

7 Important Stats about Mobile Usage and Marketing

1 – Mobile video views on YouTube increase by at least double its present figure every year

This figure is expected to continue increasing pending the demand for mobile devices is sustained. With the massive growth of YouTube and the rise of mobile devices, it becomes easier for users to have access to their favourite videos without getting on their PCs. Mobile devices are versatile and are relatively faster in accessing video content than when surfing the web on a Pc.

2 – More than half of the entire budget on advertising has been spent on mobile in the last four years

Marketers currently view the mobile industry as the next big thing, and their investments in mobile ads are visible. Since the year 2016, online marketing strategies have focused their aim on tailoring their ads for mobile devices. Since this is the case, if you are a video marketer still stuck in limbo that your strategy will pay off when fixed on PCs, you have another thing coming.

The best thing to do before you get lost in the crowd is to get your video marketing strategy tailored for mobile devices. If this isn’t a part of your strategy, then I don’t know what should be in your marketing plan.

3 – 4 out of 5 internet users own a mobile device

If the previous stat didn’t wake you up, then this surely should. The number of smartphones and other mobile device users has continued to increase considerably in recent years, and this has shown in internet access stats. In the year 2015, internet access through mobile devices beat that of PCs for the first time, and hasn’t slowed down ever since.

If your video marketing strategy has no focus on the mobile market, then you are missing out on one very huge revenue stream.

4 – More than 60% of businesses have incorporated mobile marketing into their strategy

Almost all businesses are getting on the mobile marketing train. If small, large, new and old businesses are jumping ship and adopting a mobile marketing strategy, what are you waiting for? Mobile marketing is the in-thing right now, and any strategy without it will be heavily handicapped.

Your video marketing effort will fare better when you have your strategy optimised for mobile. With this approach, your marketing will reap more benefits. If you don’t take my word for it, then you can access the link above to see what I mean.

5 – Smartphone conversion has almost doubled in recent years, while desktop conversion rates are a bit stagnant

The amount of traffic sites receive from mobile devices has continued to increase. Reports put the current conversion rate through mobile devices above 60%. Mobile sites continue to reduce the stats that were once dominated by PCs. This is another good reason why you should get your video marketing strategy focused on mobile.

Linked to the conversion stat is another startling fact. Almost 90% of potential consumers that have access to a business site on their mobile device either contact the business or visit the business in person within a day (Nectafy). So if you are a local business and think video marketing is made for big businesses, this stat should make you think again.

6 – Half of the millennials worldwide view video content only through mobile devices

This is a startling stat, but is entirely true. At least half of all people in their late 20s and early 40s view all their videos on mobile devices alone. This means that if your video marketing strategy is not tailored to incorporate mobile optimisation, then you’ve been missing at least 20-30% of your possible consumers.

7 – More than 75% of the time spent on mobile devices is used in watching videos

More people in the world today watch videos on their mobile devices more than on TV. No wonder Netflix hurriedly released a mobile app. Video marketing focusing on mobile devices is the way to go. It is best to make your strategies designed to support mobile devices, or your marketing effort could be left struggling in a few months.


With these stats provided for you to get an idea of the relevance of mobile in your video marketing strategy, we have offered you marketing gold. This information should be used in your content creation process to ensure your site is mobile-friendly.

Videos are very efficient marketing tools, and the efficiency of your marketing strategy is greatly positively influenced by adding a mobile approach to the mix.

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