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7 Reasons Why Any Future-Facing Business Should Have an App

It’s a fact. The machines have won the war, and everyone has a smartphone. Having this level of technology everywhere has a huge range of benefits, not just for the users, but for businesses too.

A quality business app can provide a direct line of communication between customers and business, all while raising brand awareness and customer loyalty. It shows a business to be future-facing, and looking to innovate.

What’s more, anyone can build an app. By using quality app building tools, you can create the mobile application that really pushes your business to the next level in terms of customer relations, visibility and technology.  You can even build an app for free using this tool! Here’s seven reasons why your business needs an app.

Any Future-Facing Business Should Have an App

Almost Everyone has a Smartphone Nowadays

This is an obvious one, but it’s a fact that lies very much in support of apps. Almost everyone in the developed world has a smartphone. People are more plugged in than ever. More people have smartphones than have desktops, easily, and its forecast that we’ll see 6.1bln smartphone users by 2020.

Mobile Media Use is Substantially Statistically Higher than Desktop

Statistically, it’s been shown year after year that mobile media usage is much higher than desktop. This is steadily on the increase, with desktops being left behind very quickly.

People Spend More Time on Apps than on Mobile Browser

You might argue that people use their phones for browsing, and therefore your business website is more than sufficient. This is wrong. People prefer to use apps on their phones for a host of reasons, including the fact they load quicker and feature content without internet access, due to on-board data storage, and are frequently easier to use than the still fairly clunky mobile web browsers.

Apps Provide Direct Contact with Customers

One of the great benefits of a useful and functional business app is that it provides a direct link of contact between customer and business. This is useful for tons of reasons. You can directly notify people of deals (with permission), you can give them directions, you can provide a platform to purchase through, the possibilities are huge.

Apps Increase Brand Awareness

Imagine having your business logo stamped on the back of every phone in the country. Okay, maybe that’s optimistic, but even just the app logo, by itself, is raising tons of brand awareness. You’re placing yourself way more in the public eye and consciousness simply by being present on their phone.

They Can Help Build Customer Loyalty

You can use apps to provide points systems, offer special individual deals, and all sorts of other promotional pushes, all geared towards making your customers feel special, appreciated, and boosting customer loyalty.

Apps offer a lot of different ways to reach out to customers and increase loyalty towards the business, all you really have to guard against is becoming another annoying advertisement, and getting your app deleted!

They Provide a New Avenue of Online Sales

Maybe your online sales are lagging, maybe you’re not seeing the explosive activity you hoped for? Providing customers with an easy, useful and appealing route to making easy online purchases, while also being a useful app on their phone, your app will pay for itself in the sales boost.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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