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7 Must-Have Power Tools for Every Woodworker

If you’re considering entering the creative world of woodworking, knowing which power tools you’ll need now and which can wait, can be challenging. While your budget will influence what type of equipment you can buy, you don’t have to buy a whole shop of woodworking power tools to get started.

Power Tools for Every Woodworker

There are around seven must-have woodworking tools that are recommended for any beginning woodworker, and most of them will not cost you a fortune. With these tools, you can comfortably complete a number of woodwork projects with the level of accuracy needed. Here is our list of power tools that every woodworker should have.

Table Saw

This is one of the major tool purchases for any beginning woodworker. The table saw is no doubt the heart and soul of any woodworking shop, and is the tool around which all other woodworking tools are used and organized. Buying the best quality table saw you can afford is highly recommended.

According to the Skil 3410-02 portable table saw review, it’s important to identify the most important features you really want, your woodworking needs and budget. What you want is a table saw that cuts precisely, comes with the right adjustment mechanisms and safety features as well as a durable design.

Circular Saw

A circular saw is most commonly used by carpenters but is also a vital tool for woodworkers. This tool is the most versatile basic handheld tool for woodwork. When used correctly, it can easily handle different tasks you would complete with a table saw.

For instance, if you want to cut sheet goods like medium-density fiberboard or plywood, a circular saw can be used instead of a table saw. When starting out on a budget, a circular saw should be your first-handheld tool because it’s most likely going to be the most useful.

Power Drill

You may be wondering why you need a power drill for your woodworking projects but a power drill is actually a must-have on your list. While cordless drills are powerful and versatile, getting a power drill can sometimes be what you need, especially when it comes to drilling numerous holes of larger diameter on wood or when handling tasks that require considerable power. A 20v dewalt drill will be more than enough for your woodworking tasks.

Remember you have to choose the right type of power drill. There are different things to look for when choosing a power drill. Choose the right drill bit size to accommodate your drilling needs and complete your woodworking tasks. Follow the recommended safety precautions when using power drills such as wearing safety glasses.


A jigsaw allows you to cut curved and circular patterns in wood stock. Sure, using a band saw would be more accurate and even cut thicker stock, but for beginners who are buying their first woodworking power tools, a jigsaw is an effective choice.

To ensure versatility in your work, go for an orbital-action, corded jigsaw. It comes with an easy blade-changing system and feels good in your hand, making operation easy.


A random orbital sander is perhaps one of the best power tools to have when starting out. While palm sanders can use plain sandpaper and are less expensive, the random orbital sanders use hook-and-loop fastened sanding disks that don’t sand in patterns, instead of using a random sanding motion.

Power Tools for Every Woodworker

The good thing about the random sanding motion is that it helps reduce the possibility of sanding marks appearing on the stock due to the sanding process. You’ll need to confirm that your local woodworking equipment supplier has the right sanding disks in the number of grits needed to fit your specific random orbital sander model.


A quality router is a must have for every beginning woodworker. While you can choose between the plunger router base and the stationary base, for most beginners, the best option is getting a quality stationary base model that will easily handle a number of woodworking tasks.

A router is an indispensable power tool in any woodworking shop, offering the ability to cut clean profiles, create solid joinery, flush-trim face frames and shape identical workpieces efficiently. The best router should have at least 2-HP, a soft start mechanism, electronic variable speed controls and easy to make bit changes.

Compound Miter Saw

A compound miter saw goes hand in hand with a table saw. While it’s not as expensive as a table saw, it’s perfect for cutting compound angles (mitered, beveled and combination cuts) on the ends of a piece of stock. Once you’ve perfected your ability to make precise cuts using a compound miter saw effectively, you’ll not be using your circular saw as often.


There are many more tools you can buy to make your woodworking tasks easier, faster and more efficiently. As you get more experienced in woodwork, you’ll figure out what other tools you should have. Until then, get these seven power tools and start crafting your first project.

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