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7 Helpful Tips of Choosing Draft Beer Towers for Commercial and Home Use

Beer towers are one of the most important components of any draft beer system. No more bottles! Just open the tap and pour as much beer as you want.

Modern beer dispensers are available in a range of shapes, configurations, and styles, but they all have one thing in common: they look cool and make the bar counter even more stylish.

The installation of such equipment is a great marketing tool that allows to attract more interested beer lovers. It remains only to figure out which beer tower to choose for your establishment.

We are ready to help you and have compiled 7 tips to pay attention to when buying this device:

  1. Material

Such equipment is often made of metal. For example, chrome-plated stainless steel makes the beer tower more resistant to small defects and scratches. Beer towers can also be made of brass and copper.

Besides metal options, there are also ceramic or porcelain beer dispensers available in the market. They are less durable than the products made of steel or copper but come in a huge selection of colors (whatever you can imagine) and designs. They look especially good in vintage-style pubs.

2. Number of taps

Do you have a home bar and serve a certain kind of beer? Then you should buy a dispenser with one tap.

If the restaurant serves several beer varieties, you can choose beer towers with the number of taps you need: 2, 3, or even multi-tap units with 12 or even 14 faucets!

3. Number of pedestals and columns

In addition to the traditional single-pedestal model, many American bars often install impressive beer dispensers with two pedestals.

Such models are designed for establishments with a large number of beer lines and large volumes of beverages passing through the system. Two-pedestal models can easily be equipped with up to 12 cranes!

Thanks to their size and original design, these beer towers will be visible from every corner of your pub, stimulating visitors to taste all your products!

4. Type of cooling

Good beer is cold beer. Since beer dispensers are part of the draft beer system, they work together with a special cooling system.

  • Do you have a small bar with beer kegs located just under the counter?

In this case you can opt for air cooling.

  • Are you the owner of a large establishment with a long-draw dispensing system when kegs are located far from the beer tower?

Then all you need is glycol cooling.

By the way, this cooling method is good not only because it allows you to maintain the temperature of the beer during transportation. A glycol chiller is a perfect option if you need to quickly cool the product or set some narrow temperature range with a variation of 1°C.

5. Size

It is quite obvious: if you choose a model with several taps or two pedestals, it will take more space than one-tap options.

6. Location and configuration

There is a wide range of different installation options available:

  • T, T-box and Y towers are designed for installation on the bar counter. They are quite versatile: they can work with both air and glycol cooling. Due to their configuration, such towers allow you to pour several varieties of beer.
  • Elbow models are also installed on the bar counter. Due to their L-shaped design, they provide more installation flexibility. In addition, the unusual appearance attracts the attention of visitors.
  • Wall Mount Dispensers are a great option for bars with limited space on the counter. As the name suggests, they are mounted on the wall. You can choose a model with 1 and up to 12 taps.
  • Cylinder towers look like a column. They are also mounted on the counter. There are models with one or several taps (up to 3) available, with different finishes and designs.
  • Undercounter beer dispensers are a great choice for those who want to optimize their workspace. Using this equipment, you can dispense up to 10 beer varieties.
  • Pass thru towers are ideal for bars with long-draw systems.7. Design

In addition to the finishing material, you can choose the desired design.

  • Indie towers resemble industrial pipes and are suitable for modern craft bars with ergonomic designs.
  • Euro style models will delight you with a wide range of styles, from traditional ones to steampunk, etc.

If you need advice on the appropriate design and configuration of beer towers, please contact Beverage Craft

The brand specializes in beer equipment and is ready to help with the selection of a perfect option for your needs, so the beer dispensing process in your bar will be even more convenient for you and spectacular for your visitors.

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