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7 Genuine Tips to Make Your Vehicle’s Wiper Blades Last Longer

Unlike the wheels of a vehicle, wiper blades are usually not given enough importance as they are considered as just an additional accessory.

Contrary to this popular belief, your vehicle’s wiper blades are actually a crucial component and failing to maintain them, can result in accidents in case they malfunction while you are driving.

Continue reading to know 7 genuine tips that can help your vehicle’s wiper blades last longer.

Vehicle's Wiper Blades Last Longer

Monitor Your Wiper Blades for These Issues

If your car’s wiper blades skip, streak or split during operation then chances are that they either need to be maintained better or replaced. If your wiper blades squeak even while using on wet screens, then you might have to change just a part of the wiper blades and not the entire unit.

Monitoring your vehicle’s wiper blades while getting your car serviced will help you understand your usage patterns and how to better maintain your car parts based on these patterns.

Inspect Your Wiper Blades Thoroughly Every Month

Look for broken frames, detached frames, metal corrosion at the claws and joints as well as visible tears in the edges of the rubber. Periodically inspecting your vehicle’s wiper blades will help you understand when to change these vehicular parts and prevent mishaps in the future.

Check the Rubber Squeegees For Flexibility Issues

Minor flexibility issues can be fixed by adjusting the blades to make them fit better. More serious flexibility issues can be solved by changing the joining parts that connect to the rubber squeegees.

In some cases, using certain lubricants made especially for rubber squeegees can prevent changing the parts for a few more weeks to a month. Use your discretion to decide the seriousness of the issue, consider consulting a vehicle expert when in doubt.

If you notice that the squeegees leave visible streaks or scratch the glass upon usage that in turn affects your vision while on the road, then consider changing the rubber parts immediately is recommended.

Secure the Various Components if Loose

In some situations, where the squeegee and joints don’t fit properly, a simple solution would be to adjust the parts to ensure that they fit in properly.

Securing the squeegees into the frames without turning the bolts too tightly can also ensure that your wipers last longer.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

While driving in the daytime is a must for many people, avoiding certain timings where the sun is at the highest and emits the most amounts of ultraviolet rays can help in the long run.

This is a must especially for those drivers who live in severely affected ozone depleted zones.

Similarly, people who live in areas that are prone to snowfall should use certain precautionary measures to avoid an ice build-up on the blades. One of these measures would be to pull the blades away during cold months and clean the blades gently before using the vehicle.

Use Vehicle Lubricants with Immense Care

Although certain vehicle lubricants can protect the rubber components of wipers, other lubricants will deplete the rubber component quickly.

In addition, dust and grime build-up due to using the wrong car lubricants on the wiper can result in this vehicular component scratching the glass while in use.

Clean the Wiper Blades with Compatible Tools

Cleaning wiper blades once a week is a must, especially if you use your vehicle twice a week or more. Cleaning the wiper blades more than once week using water and compatible tools is recommended especially if you travel in areas that are prone to dust storms or ice storms.

If you are using microfiber cloth pieces to clean your wiper and its various parts, then ensure that there are no threads left behind by the cloth.

Better Safe than Sorry

These 7 tips can help you avoid accidents while on the road as well as help you make your wiper blades last for a longer period of time. However, it is always advised to change your wiper blades at least once a year. The rubber squeegee should be changed between 6 months to 8 months especially if you use your car on a daily basis. Changing these car components by looking for deals during sales or promotions can help save some money while ensuring your safety.

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