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7 Blunders You Can Make Whilst Selling Your Phone For Cash

So finally you have decided to sell your mobile phone. Though it is old and you are not using it anymore, it is best to sell mobile online or at any retailer shop to get a handsome amount of cash for it. And you can use that cash for various purposes.

7 Blunders You Can Make Whilst Selling Your Phone For Cash

Selling a mobile phone is not so difficult job but if done without any planning or research, you will end up in getting only a few pounds. So instead of going without a plan, you should know dos and don’ts of mobile phone selling.

For your ease, below we have mentioned the blunders mostly mobile phone owners do while selling their device.

Blunder 1- No Data Backup

It is seen plenty of times that many smartphone users when selling their smartphones didn’t back up their data. As a result, they couldn’t do anything to get their old data back. It is also seen that the buyers used their data for wrong purposes. Though some buyers delete the existing data from the phones when they buy them, but this is not the case, most of the times.

There are many reasons why a backup is necessary. If your device gets stolen or lost, data backup is a way to restore your previous data. If you make a backup of your data and then erase it before selling, you are securing your personal information from getting leaked.

Remember, your data is very precious so you should take care of it properly. If you know how to back up your data then do it in the first place. And in case, you don’t have any idea about it, you can take help from our guide for making a mobile phone data backup.

Blunder 2- No Data Removed

Blunder number 2 relates to the blunder number 1. After making a backup of the data, it is very important to remove it from the device before selling it. Keep in mind that your data is valuable to you but the buyer may misuse it.

Your data may contain your sensitive information about your bank accounts or credit card and the buyer (which can be a scammer) may use it to steal your money. Or the data you have forgotten to delete may have your private family photos and videos and the buyer may use that to threaten you. The buyer can even blackmail you as well.

Remember money is not everything, your data is valuable too. So before handing over your old device to a stranger, spare some time and remove your data from your phone. Clearing your data might seem intimidating but it’s a lot easier than you might expect. Manually deleting each item from your phone is quite a hectic job. Instead of doing it, you can factory reset your phone. Factory reset will erase all of the data from your phone and the phone will become like a new.

Blunder 3 – Forgot to Unpair the SmartWatch

Another blunder most users make when selling their smartphone is that they forget to unpair their smartwatches. For example, if you are selling your iPhone and you have paired Apple watch with it, then before selling your iPhone, it is best to unpair the watch, unless you are not selling the watch alongside the iPhone. You can unpair the smartwatch by going to the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

Blunder 4 – Forgot to Sign Out from Accounts

Although factory reset will remove all the data from your smartphones but the accounts you were using in that phone still remain intact. Many people make this blunder while selling their phones. So before saying goodbye to your phone, it is very important to sign out from all of your accounts, such as social media accounts, email accounts, Google accounts etc.

Blunder 5 – Didn’t Compare Mobile Phone Recycling Prices

This is the blunder mostly smartphone users make while selling their devices online at mobile phone recycling comparison websites. These companies, such as SellTheMobile, offer top deals for mobile phones of almost every brand. Many people make mistake here and choose the deal without comparing the prices. So whenever, you sell your phone at SellTheMobile or any other site, do compare prices and grab the top deal to get maximum cash for your phone.

Blunder 6 – Sell WithoutVetting the Buyer

When you are selling your smartphone to an individual, don’t forget to vet the buyer. As mentioned earlier, money should not be the top concern for you. You have to proper cross check the buyer.

If you find the buyer online through social media or any other online portal, then you can check:

  • Buyer’s social media profiles.
  • Check out the ratings to see if the buyer has a history of successful transactions.
  • If something seems wrong to you, then it’s better to pass the offer.

Blunder 7 – Sell WithoutDoing Research

Many people when selling the phones feel uncertain about where and how to sell their phones. What is the best platform and where to find the best deal? Exactly this is the point where most people make blunders and sell their phones without doing any market research.

Online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, let you set your price. While online mobile phone recycling comparison websites, like SellTheMobile, offer different price with deals. These deals are guaranteed so there is no scam involved.

Ending Note

These are some of the common blunders that most of us make while selling smartphones online. After reading this article, we are sure that you must be aware of these blunders and will be able to grab the best deal for your smartphone.You can also share your views in comments below.

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