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7 Best Trees to Plant in Any Backyard

7 Best Trees to Plant in Any Backyard

Adorning your backyard with greenery is something everyone should consider doing. Not just the beauty, but greenery absorbs heat and comforts your body.

We know that plants take carbon dioxide and give us oxygen in return. Why should you let your backyard be a wasteland when you can convert it to a pleasant outdoor location of the house?

We understand that you cannot invest the same care as you give for your garden to your backyard. So, here comes the list of the best trees that require less maintenance from you, yet give ample benefits.


Cedar, also known as arborvitae is a famous backyard tree with thick foliage thus acting as a privacy fence too. Until the first year, the leaves are needle-like but from then they begin to look like scales.

Along with ornamental benefits, cedarwood makes your backyard smell good. Did you know that cedars are resistant to bacterial strains and decay?

Despite being aromatic, this wood repels moths and pests (which is why furniture made of cedar wood is preferred). Plant cedar trees in a row and watch your backyard become royal.

2.Star Magnolia

This will surely become the star of your backyard if you give it a chance. It is a medium shrub that eventually grows to be a small tree.

If you are not an admirer of tall trees (or if tall trees seem scary to you), plant a few cheerful star magnolia trees. They keep the ambiance cheerful with their large, white, double flowers in spring.

After spring, the flowers wither and green leaves steal the show. Two looks, one tree!

3.Honey Locust

Though it sounds half sweet and half pesty (farmers do find it as a weed as it sucks up all the water in the farmland, but it is cool as an ornamental backyard tree), honey locust is an amazing tree for your backyard. It is pretty rapid at growth and can live up to as long as 100 years.

Its leaves are greenish-yellow and the sweet-smelling flowers bloom in clusters. Except for the thorny trunk, there is nothing stressful about this tree.


Pine trees are attractive and make your backyard look like a garden. You can plant a few trees or introduce an assembly of pine trees for better privacy. If you are into crafts, you’ll appreciate pine cones too.

As pine is a tree with softer wood you can use a benchtop saw to cut the wood. It is important to know the different types of saws when hosting a pine tree as it often requires you to give touch-ups.

5.Bald Cypress

The growth of bald cypress in winter is not as pacy as it is in summer but this tree is a baddie and can thrive well in all seasons and environments. The foliage is needle-like and is yellow in summer turning orangish-brown in autumn.

This tree once planted in your backyard can stay there for around 5 centuries. Bald cypress retains water level of soil and prevents soil erosion which is quite helpful to the other plants beside it.


Who doesn’t love pecans? After all, they are yummy and fat-free.

Why don’t you introduce a pecan tree into your yard? Pecan trees are huge and dense which is exactly the kind of tree you should choose for ornamental privacy. Don’t plant a group of pecan trees as each tree needs enough room for healthy growth. Also, grouping induces pest growth.

Give your pecan tree an adequate supply of water for better fruit (nut) quality. Just remember not to overdose yourself with pecan pie as you now have a continuous pecans’ supply.


For medium-sized ornamental trees that can also serve as privacy screens, cupesi is another ideal pick. Known by its other name, Chilean mesquite has a plump and robust trunk with yellow leaves.

If you are not interested in flowers and leaves of regular patterns, cupesi is the funk you should give a try. These trees grow rapidly. Usually, cupesi is thorn but you can buy thornless hybrids from a nursery.

Cupesi is often described as a desert plant and therefore can withstand harsh conditions. Along with shade, this tree sorts out your firewood needs as well.

Remember that trees need a few years to grow and give the above benefits. Plant now, hold on and reap the benefits throughout the years to come.

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