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7 Best Mac Tools that You Need to Appreciate

Looking for awesome apps available for your new OS – Mac High Sierra? This newest OS trend features refined upgrades, latest apple file system, 64-bit setting capabilities, hybrid security, advanced responsive design, improved data backup and built-in encryption protection system.

You’re practically thinking about what apps are compatible with the upgraded OS. As a matter of fact, we will feed you up with the awesome apps that work on the Mac High Sierra.

Best Mac Tools

  1. F.LUX

This utility app is a unique tool which makes your screen, display appear less radiating effect and mimics the outside light. This is a very useful screen display to prevent damage to your eyes. Moreover, it can help you fall asleep due to its color display and adaptability. The F.lux certainly works with the latest OS and it can still be operated using later versions.

2. Google Chrome

This is the world’s fastest and intuitive browser in today’s modern times. Its features can work on any platform and operating systems (OS) such as Mac, Windows, and mobile devices.

Aside from its search engine features, it contains several built-in applications such as Google Keep, Google Drive, Google Sheets, PPT, Word, and more. The Google is an ideal platform for work-related and personal activitiesyou can also browse from the Google Web Store and install add-ons for a more collaborative, organized, and practical tasks. In addition, it accepts external chrome add-ons such as Grammarly and LastPass.

3. Evernote

To keep your work and personal activities organized, we recommend the Evernote application. It is a cloud-based and intuitive designed program with amazing functionalities, syncing features, and 60 MB uploads per month.

In this app, you can also add some attachments like clip, file, or audio. It also contains impressive and responsive presentation mode settings. You can also collaborate and share this with anyone using social media or email. Moreover, you can upload your hand-written lectures and graphical illustrations for a great presentation.

  1. Duplicate Clean

Do you experience slower speed at some point? File duplicates can actually make your Mac sluggish. You should have a cleaning application to do the trick and resolve the issues as well. The duplicate clean is a popular duplicate file cleaner for Mac due to its many cool features.

  1. The Unarchiver

Mac computers have built-in compression systems in which you can able to zip and unzip folders. At some point in time, this built-in archiving system may crash or it cannot be able to detect the folders that need to be zipped or unzipped.

Using the unarchiver, this amazing program can be used for both .zip and .rar folders. You can compress and extract files anytime using this utility app. Moreover, it supports different formats and file extensions which will be very convenient for Mac users.

  1. PDF Expert

PDF files are technically difficult to edit and make some changes. Usually, computers can only access the view and display option. Using the PDF Expert, users can now have the authority to edit the PDF formats. It can be downloaded for free and you can purchase its premium features for an unlimited use.

You can edit the texts in your PDF file and highlight the contexts using the reading mode display. PDFs are growing popular nowadays due to its creative presentation and collaborative design. It also features insert comments for notation purposes.

  1. Dropbox

Does your computer’s storage always in full? You might often delete and transfer files which may consume a lot of time. You should make your work efficient, practical, and economical using the Dropbox app.

This utility application is accessible through online, desktop, and mobile devices. It offers both free and premium features for your convenience. You can upload or sync your files via Dropbox for an easy, fast, and organized filing system. The free version can store up to 2 GB space for an optimum use.

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