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6 Top Reasons for iPhone Repair

You love your iPhone, and you do everything you can to take care of it. Unfortunately, life happens. No matter how many precautions you take, you’re likely to end up with a damaged or malfunctioning iPhone at some point. When you do, taking it in for iPhone repair Omaha is an effective and more affordable solution than purchasing a new phone. The following are six common areas that iPhone repair can address.

Reasons for iPhone Repair

Battery Issues

It’s no secret that batteries start wearing down over time – and it doesn’t take that long with cell phones. You might get a year or two of full force out of your battery, but that time can be significantly reduced when you’re constantly downloading apps and putting your phone to work.

If you notice that your battery is draining too fast or you can’t get it to charge all the way, you need a new battery. If you’re looking for a good reason to get a new phone, you can go that way. However, if you’re still loving your phone – except for the battery issue – an iPhone repair Omaha company can just replace the battery for you.

Cracked or Broken Screen

Cracked and broken screens are one of the most common reasons for cell phone repair in general – and iPhones are no exception. It’s nearly impossible to go through daily life and not scratch or drop your phone at some point.

While not all dings, cracks, and scratches will impact the phone, many do. If this is the case, you can get your screen replaced – typically at a much lower price than buying a new phone.

Issues With Buttons

Like a battery, cell phone buttons can wear out over time. It can get so bad that you can’t use essential functions with your phone. Who needs a phone they can’t use? Don’t throw out your iPhone just yet, though. An iPhone repair specialist is capable of addressing such issues.

Trouble With Camera

People love the iPhone line for its awesome photography abilities. Like all other electronics, though, the quality can diminish over time – usually due to damage sustained through dropping and handling the phone.

If you notice that your images aren’t coming out as clear and as beautiful as they once were, don’t automatically assume you’ll need to buy a new phone. You might need nothing more than a new lens – something an Omaha iPhone repair company can easily do for you at a much lower price.

Water Damage

Whether you’re washing your dishes or having a family day at Fun-Plex, there are too many ways to drop your iPhone in water and end up with water damage. Unfortunately, water and electronics just don’t mix well.

In some cases, an iPhone repair Omaha company can undo the damage. However, that’s not always the case. The good thing about taking it to a professional, though, is that they can let you know if it’s fixable or if you should start shopping for a new phone.

Charging Port

It’s not that uncommon for battery charging ports to loosen up – and it’s a major frustration. When you can’t keep your charger plugged in, your phone simply won’t charge right. Since iPhones have the headphone and battery ports connected, it’s an even bigger issue.

The good news, though, is that if neither your phone charger nor your headphones stay plugged in, it is fixable. Visit Continental Cellular, they can simply replace the port and get you back in business.

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