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6 Important Things to Do Before Selling Secondhand Laptop

A laptop is one of the primary tools for anyone. Based on that fact, the sales of laptop or PC in the electronic market are possible to increase. Well, if you have a kind of laptop that is still in a good condition but you don’t need that version anymore, it should be a chance for you to sell them.

Of course, there are some matters to consider if you want to sell your secondhand laptop. You should not be in a rush since it may be disadvantageous for yourself. Particularly, the device to sell is still new and in a good condition, it should not be offered with the cheap price. So, what are the tips to sell your laptop with a good price? Here they are.

Beautify Its Appearance

It is not only your face that you need makeup but even the secondhand laptop needs to be groomed first. Whatever it is, the outer appearance is what makes people fall in love at first sight. No matter how cool and sophisticated the components of the laptop is, it means nothing if it cannot attract people since the beginning.

So, make sure to check the outer condition of the laptop. If there are problems including the dirt, scratch, and others, you need to fix them all. It is even necessary to change the outer case so that it looks more beautiful. You need to spend more money on this indeed but it is basically a good effort to make the laptop sold more expensively.

Reinstall the Operating System

There must be important data saved on your laptop. So, make sure to backup and save all of them in your hard disk or new PC. Next, you have to reinstall the operating system so that there is no data remained inside. As information, the data and non-default apps tend to decrease the quality of your laptop. Meanwhile, reinstallation also lets the laptop work faster just like the brand new one.

Change the Spare Parts

If there are no visible damages to the spare parts, this attempt should not be done. It is also a reminder for you that you must use your electronic devices properly so that it can still be valuable until the last.

But if you think there is any damage that makes the laptop’s quality decreased, changing or bringing the device to the service center is the best choice. It is a smart step you can do to anticipate the laptop from being an error when the buyer tests it. Again, you must spend more money on this but it is just worthy enough.

Sell the Featured Accessories

If you have equipped your laptop with accessories like CD, speaker, mouse, and others, it is not bad to sell them all together with your laptop. The accessories may simply increase the price of the laptop. Of course, those accessories should not be offered at really high prices just like the new one. Remember that they are also secondhand so that you need to lower the price.

In the perspective of the buyers, they are just lucky to have the additional accessories. For yourself, it is your chance to gain more money and buy the new ones later.

Be Honest

When offering your secondhand laptop to the seller, you must be honest. If there are problems or damages that cannot be easily repaired, you should tell the customers. Explain to theme sincerely regarding the pros and cons of the laptop. Undeniably, you must want your laptop to be sold out at a higher price. But if this matter makes you tell something lies, it just gives you bad credibility.

Choose the Right Buyers

There are probably quite difficult to find buyers who want to buy your secondhand laptop with a good price. Especially if you cannot find any buyer around, it is not bad to sell your laptop via online sites. You can conduct a selection process and then choose one of them that are really trusted and credible. Well, can be a good idea to sell your secondhand laptop.


Although it sounds simple, there are some considerations and attempts you should do before selling your secondhand laptop. By following some tips above, it is expected you can gain more benefits from the secondhand laptop selling activity.

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