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6 Important Facts About Tikki You Should Know About

Being a new platform in the market, Tikki may have been met with misconceptions; some of which were brought about by its predecessors with the same idea. Some didn’t last as long as they thought, while some gave the market a bad impression of internet calls. However, Tikki is here to clear such doubts since it’s the best of its kind. As a company, your word is your bond; this is the kind of commitment that such an app should give its users, especially when unleashing it to a large population like India. It’s good to win your audience with the first impression:

6 Important Facts About Tikki You Should Know About

  1. Download

As an app, you have to capture your audience. Very few people can manage the luxury of buying apps, because they experience different financial constraints. If you struggle to meet your daily needs, then buying an app will even be harder because it will be presumed that you don’t have your priorities right. Tikki has rectified all that because it is free when it comes to downloading, making it more captivating. In this era of technology, everything is accessed through the internet. Tikki has been made available at Google Play

Store: and at ITunes apple


  1. Set up

After downloading the app, the rest of the steps are easy. They don’t have long procedures. Its main purpose is for communicating; so basically, you only fill in the details necessary for communication. Such details include your name, your location and phone number. Your phone number will appear to others as your user identification. After this simple installation process, you’re free to begin using your app irrespective of the phone you’re using.

  1. Budget friendly

Since it is free to download, the Tikki app can be considered pocket-friendly. With the economy being unstable, where you don’t have the same amount of money as others; you need to have your priorities right. Food is a basic need. You will need to spend money on basic needs first before going for luxuries. Considering the fact that it’s free, calling among Tikki users saves you a lot. Calling to landlines is still cheaper as it affords you local rates of that area.

  1. Security

Currently, a lot of people have access to technology. The hazard of technology is that some information shared amongst people may not be safe. Worry not; conversations between users is encrypted to safe guard it for only those who need to see or hear it. Encryption helps keep information secure between the two or more people.

  1. Calls

Tikki calling app has features that will enable you forward calls to any device. The message intended will still be communicated, but on a different device. You have freedom to use this feature by forwarding the calls to a gadget that favors you or that you may like.

  1. Anywhere

It’s available for everyone. You get it everywhere you go. You can make calls to anyone irrespective of the region they are in. Users don’t need high speed internet for conversations to take place.

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