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6 Best Smart TV Apps to Rock Your World in 2018

A smart TV is so much more than a display streaming shows and movies. It’s a gadget that can bring lots of fun into your life, and help you communicate, network, master fitness programs, and more. The key to unlocking the potential of the device is installing the best smart TV apps that’ll enable you to do this.

Best Smart TV Apps

6 Best Smart TV Apps You Should Have in 2018

1.    YouTube Kids

YouTube is the world’s leading video-sharing site and YouTube Kids is a part of it dedicated specifically to entertaining and educating the younger generation. The platform was a huge success and its Android and iOS apps gained instant popularity.

From now on, it’s available for smart TVs as well, in particular in Samsung Apps store, LG Content Store, and Sony TVs. In 2018, it will become available for Android smart TVs as well. The app has YouTube Red integrated into it, which removes ads and offers exclusive films and series.

2.    eBay

Speaking of smart TV being more than a video-streaming device, the eBay app will allow you to make purchases without even getting off the couch. So, anytime you see something you like while watching a show, you can buy it right away.

The app does not only allow you to shop but also features some unique offers and deals. You can use it for donations as well and send out payment reminders if you are a seller yourself. The buyer location and track order features are also included.

3.    Spotify

Spotify is, without a doubt, one of the best smart TV apps if you love music. It’s main advantage over Pandora and the like is that it has a free subscription. It’s limited, but it allows you to get a taste of what’s to come with a premium package. There’s a 30-day trial in the offer also, so you can actually try out the app’s full functionality for free.

There are over 20 million songs in every genre imaginable on Spotify and the app is pretty good with offering suggestions based on your choices. You won’t be able to download the songs, but you’ll be able to enjoy them anytime with a good plan.

4.    Plex

Plex is one of the best apps for an Android TV box that exist today. If you don’t have it yet, you definitely should download it right away as it’ll give you access to thousands of shows, movies, and even live streaming sports. The best thing about it?

Plex gives you access to free TV streaming!

You can also find some music and images using this app. Its library is truly staggering and it’ll take you a very long while to explore.

5.    PowerPoint

Many might find it surprising that a Microsoft Office app is available for TVs. However, with the rise of presentations, it has become one of the best smart TV apps that everyone should have.

PowerPoint stats say that the app is used 350 times per second, which means it has become an essential part of many lives. Presentations can be implemented in any business, and as the preference for visual over textual content grows, they will only keep getting more popular. Being able to create, present, and edit your presentations from a smart TV is highly convenient, especially if you run a business from home.

6.    PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now is one of the best smart TV apps for everyone who loves to relax with a good video game. It’s a definite must have for those who enjoy the most progressive and graphically rich games on the market as PlayStation exclusives definitely fit those criteria. Many of the AAA games today also launch on this platform first.

The perks of having this app on your smart TV include not having to wait for downloads or worrying about storage space on the device. The drawback is that you don’t have access to all PlayStation games.

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