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5 Ways To Turn Your Instagram Video Viewers Into Followers

If you want to convert your video viewers to your followers you have to keep giving them something engaging to watch and let them know that you have got more content coming their way.

The tips we mention below can help you start on the path to gaining more views and comments from So, let’s get started.

Turn Your Instagram Video Viewers Into Followers

Are You Using Hashtags Correctly?

Using Hashtags can help get exposure to your videos. Of course, most people use hashtags on their posts but do they use them optimally? If you just spam random hashtags then you are likely to not see much growth.

On the other hand, if you only use popular hashtags then your videos might be drowned out by millions of other ones. The trick to using the correct Hashtags is doing hashtag research using tools. Some tools show the volume of a hashtag and tell how difficult it is to rank for it.

You can also look at other profiles in your niche at your level and see which hashtags they use in their posts. Research your target audience and look at the posts they generally interact with within your niche.

You can find hashtag examples from there as well. Once you have a list of Hashtags analyze them using a tool and start using them in your posts in different combinations.

After a while use Instagram insights to check which ones are giving your videos more exposure. Use them. More exposure can lead to get more real Instagram views from

Think Outside the Box

Seems like an obvious tip, right? But you would be surprised how few people try to bring in their creativity rather than trying to directly follow whatever is trending. Social media platforms will have multiple trends coming and going.

You cannot only rely on them. You have to show the users that you are going to provide them with good content consistently. If they see your videos pop up regularly and they enjoy your posts then there’s a higher chance of them following you.

Understand what’s making something a trend. What is your target audience attracted to? Entertainment and comedy generally take the forefront in this meme-driven online culture. So, if you can hit that niche with your creativity then it can work in your favor.

Another way to approach it would be to look at successful profiles in your niche. Go back to their older videos. See how they reached the position they are in. It will give you some insights on how to create content that is original while being engaging. Lists, entertaining facts and similar fund educational types of content can often gain a lot of traction.

Post More Often

Another obvious piece of advice, right? But you can’t take this advice as a solo trip. All the tips in the list are supposed to be done in tandem to get the best effects. When you combine posting 2 to 3 times daily with creating original, engaging and entertaining content you will see good results.

On platforms like Instagram, people spend a very small amount of time on each post. So, they keep on scrolling for more posts that they like. You need to sweep in every day and satisfy their hunger for content in your niche.

This way they will know what kind of stuff to expect from you and then you end up gaining more followers.

To be able to post multiple times daily you need to create an efficient and effective workflow. Have a content planner and scheduler handy. Keep your set-up ready and mobile so that you can shoot whenever you are feeling creative. Be disciplined. Don’t rely on motivation.

Use Other Platforms to Promote

Try using different platforms to promote your Instagram videos. Do not only upload normal video posts. Experiment with stories and reels. Reels are quite flexible. They don’t have a watermark and can be shared across different platforms.

YouTube, Pinterest and TikTok are the perfect platforms for sharing Instagram videos. The idea is to gain more visibility. More viewers on your video will help your video perform better. Try to pick out some of the best-performing videos and share them on other social media platforms.

Ask people to follow you on Instagram if they want to see similar types of content. A lot of people have done this successfully. Understand which kinds of videos do well on different platforms and try to share those kinds of videos on them.

Contests and Giveaways

Using your videos to host contests and giveaways can help you gain more followers. Especially if you are creative enough in hosting engaging contests. Build a contest around a campaign. Create a hashtag for it.

Ask people to use the hashtag and tag you in their entry posts. This way you will be able to get user-generated content. You can share them on your feed.

Building a loyal community of users is very important to gain consistent engagement which can lead to more exposure and more Instagram followers. You can use this method regularly (once a month) to keep your audiences involved and to gain more attention.

So, these were some of the tips that can help you convert your Instagram video viewers to followers. Be patient. Try these out. Focus on being consistent and improving your methods and strategies. We hope you found some useful insights and wish you all the best!

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