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5 Ways to Prevent Spear Phishing Attacks

Having an email account that is free from spamming and unnecessary messages is almost impossible. We commonly receive flash sale offers, advertisement, and foreign bank transaction reports. In order to remain free from security and data breach, you need to detect the safe email senders and respond in a way to keep your information safe. There are many way hackers try to attack. Here I will talk about what is a spear phishing attack and how you can prevent spear phishing. You can also try Phishing Protection service by DuoCircleMimecast.

Prevent Spear Phishing Attacks

What is a spear phishing all about?

Spear phishing is basically a practice of transferring fraudulent emails by portraying the ID of organization or trusted sender. The main intention of the phishing attack is to extract the major information from email and put the receivers into scams.

The look of phishing email sounds legitimate and fees absolutely genuine. The email messages from attackers comprise of confidential information and probably a link that you need to click for downloading an attachment. The moment you would download the attachment, your device shall transfer all the information to the attackers thereby putting you in great trouble.

There are many organizations who fall victim to a spear phishing attack. Cybersecurity expert has been created to keep the personal data of individuals safe. However, you need to initiate a security level at a personal level in order to keep your business absolutely confidential and protected.

How to take out your self against unwanted phishing attacks?

If you are at all concerned about the security of your organization, initiating arrangement for encountering phishing attack is very necessary. Here are a few suggestions that can keep you against spear phishing attack-

Sensitive Data Encryption

File encryption is one of the best methods to protect the company data from the spear phishing attack. Encrypting your data is the best solution When you store or information on your PC or server. Choose to go for managed file transfer solution for ensuring that you never fall prey to any unwanted attack. Take care of your hard drive, cloud storage, internet activity, and external storage because these are the places where you most of the time store data.

Update Security Software & System

If you have been receiving notifications from your operating system regarding expiration of security patches, it is time to manage the security concern and eliminate the risk right away. Operating systems like Apple, Linux, and Mac come up with security patches that are worthwhile in predicting the phishing attacks. Make sure that you install the updated version of security patch whenever it is possible so that you remain protected.

Stay aware

More than anything else, you need to remain aware of phishing attacks at the personal level. Teach your employees about cyber attacks and security requirements for that incidence of a data breach can be avoided. More than 90% of phishing attacks become possible because users are not aware of the action that can be taken against them online.

Avoid any interaction with dubious emails

The moment you receive a suspicious email, delete or spam it right away. If necessary, you can respond to the email id using a different address. If the sender is legitimate, you will eventually come to know.


If you think that email received from different email addresses are sent by attackers, it is important to take a relevant action for the same. Domain-based message authentication reporting and conformance Technology identifies the emailer for any kind of dubious Activity. The reports are dismissed right away in case of security suspicions are witnessed. Implementing DMARC in your email can help you to secure data and users of your company.


These are the ways to prevent spear-phishing attack. Data is very important for many organizations. It is your responsibility to protect customer data. So, you should follow these tips to prevent and stay aware. Several businesses have implemented two-factor authentication

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