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5 Ways to Create an Engaging and Useful Chatbot

Customers expect a 24/7 response from a business or a service. Not long ago, businesses had to hire several employees to work in shifts to solve this dilemma, costing time and money. Nowadays, brands can answer their customer’s queries anytime, thanks to chatbots. Chatbots are an alternative to customer service and must be carefully managed to protect your business’s reputation. A website designer in Phoenix can create a chatbot that is engaging, informative, and useful for your business operations. Business cost reduction considers the following factors when creating a useful and engaging chatbot:

Engaging and Useful Chatbot

  1. Proper Placement Is Key

All good sites that use a chatbot to interact with visitors have made it easy to access. The ideal place for a chatbot to appear is on your website’s homepage. This makes it harder to ignore and catches people at the beginning of their website visit. Remember, your chatbot should not take up the whole space. It should pop-up on the bottom right-hand corner of a visitor’s screen and remain visible from the corner of his or her eye.

  1. Is Your Chatbot User-Friendly?

A recent study indicates that 75% of users interact with the chatbot only once. The remaining 25% stop interacting with the chatbot after the second interaction. One of the primary reasons for this is that chatbots are often super annoying and not user-friendly. It is important for your bot to welcome the customer immediately and remain engaging throughout the entire interaction.

  1. Anticipate the Customer’s Questions

Chatbots are your brand’s online representatives. The better they answer your customer’s questions, the better your sales revenue will look. Your bot should have a detailed understanding of your target audience and be able to anticipate their most frequently asked questions. For example, suppose your store is short on a particular item. In that case, your new bot should apologize and engage the customer somehow, like offering discounts or showing other promotions. This type of response will make sure the customer does not leave your website without receiving a thorough and informative response.

  1. Include a Call to Action (CTA)

A call to action (CTA) refers to anything that engages a user and makes him or her stay on your website or app. When designing a chatbot, include CTA’s to help improve your customer’s website experience and increase your conversion rate. For example, buttons like “Contact Us,” “New Promotions,” or “Gallery” point the user to areas of your website that are informative and useful, leading to more conversions.

  1. Important Data Collection

Chatbots are great for data collection. They can help you better understand the types of questions, responses and replies you receive from customers on a regular basis. To make your bot more engaging in the future, use this data and improve your chatbot.

Chatbots are becoming more and more popular since they save company’s money and are more responsive than humans. The information listed above will help you avoid basic mistakes with your chatbot and make them more engaging and useful for future site visitors.

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