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5 Trends That Will Shape HR In 2020

Human resources is a constantly evolving field that is incredibly important to all companies. This constant evolution means that many different trends in the space get a chance to materialize. A new technology, process or practice shows its use and boom, it becomes a popular trend.

Trends That Will Shape HR In 2020

While some of these trends are short-lived and don’t have an impact, many have a lot of stopping power and leave their mark on the HR industry. There have been some large trends in HR, but what does 2020 have to offer?

With that in mind, this blog post is going to go over a few of the major trends that will shape HR in 2020.

More Software and Technology Than Ever

It is impossible to overstate just how impactful technology has been to the world of business. It has saved companies a ton of time, money and stress. While HR is and has always been about the people, there is more software and tech in the space than ever before. There are tools and technology to optimize processes, to simplify procedures and dozens of other things.

In particular, ATS software (applicant tracking system) can be a life saver. It can help you manage and organize a ton of candidates, track them and see which are the best fit for your company. If you need a ATS software explanation, the internet is a great resource to use. A simple Google search should be able to introduce you to a boatload of different pieces of software and technologies that can

Automation Continues to Show its Value

Automation is already growing more and more useful for companies, and the same can be said for HR departments. A lot of the tasks and duties that HR professionals are responsible for are quite mundane, repetitive and boring. There is a lot of paperwork, filing and things like that. Automation can take almost all of these tasks off of your hands and handle them for you.

This will free up a ton of time for HR professionals to focus on more complex matters like optimizing recruiting and finding better ways to engage with employees. As automation continues to grow and mature, new ways to harness its power will surely be discovered and used by HR teams across the globe.

The Growth of Remote Work and the Gig Economy

The Growth of Remote Work and the Gig Economy

While there once was a time where nearly everyone was a long-term employee at their place of work, this is changing. More and more frequently, people are working somewhere for a few years before looking elsewhere for something better. People are looking for situations that best fit their lifestyles and goals.

In addition to that, we are seeing many more people begin doing freelance or contract work, and working remotely. In fact, millions of Americans are already working remotely, and the number is only going to continue to grow.

Each of these changes can provide some challenges for HR teams. How they are recruited, onboarded and even managed will be very different from a traditional employee. Things like ensuring they buy into company culture and are being productive will also be important to manage.

Using Data and Analytics to Make Decisions

Using Data and Analytics to Make Decisions

Data analytics aren’t new in business, but they haven’t seen a ton of widespread use in HR. However, we feel that this is about to change in 2020. Using data can help an HR professional in many different ways, including hiring and recruiting. It can also help them have less on their plates and even lead to better outcomes.

Data and analytics can help HR departments make a ton of important and informed decisions and choices. It can help with choosing the best hiring methods, helping work get done in a more productive manner and even learn how satisfied employees are. Data can also assist in improving employee development and learning any other issues that may be plaguing the department.

An Increased Focus on Diversity

While workplaces have certainly become more diverse and equal in recent years, we still have a long way to go. In fact, men still make about 20% more than women on average, for doing the exact same work. That is simply not acceptable and 2020 could be the year that we finally see a breakthrough in this common issue.

More companies need to make changes not only when it comes to equal pay, but also allowing opportunities for people of all races and genders. HR will need to make sure that all job competitions and pay are fair, and ensure that no one is discriminated against.

In conclusion, these trends will be hugely important to HR in 2020. Of course, these may not be the only trends that shape HR, but they will be among the biggest.

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