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5 Tips to Market Your Business Effectively at Trade Shows

The success of any business lies in how effectively you are able to promote your product and how well it reaches the audiences. In order to achieve these companies, use various marketing strategies that can guarantee the same. Trade Shows have become a popular way to reach out to many people on one platform and at the same time, it also helps in brand promotion. There are many big names like Fret Free that helps in setting up stalls, designing it which will make your booth outshine others.

The business trade shows present a wealth of opportunities for the business owners to exhibit their products and services on a grand scale. Moreover, it also gives the business promoters an opportunity to have a face-to-face interaction with customers and at the same time target the potential customer. Unlike other marketing strategies, trade shows have genuine customers who have visit these places for some serious business. Thus, it becomes a great way to find genuine customers who will be valuable for your business.

An important point to note about trade shows is that there are many other stalls, some of them may be your competitors. So the trick to reaping benefits out of trade shows is to outshine others and get yourself noticed. As one of the leading organizers of trade shows, Fret Free brings you 5 effective tips that will make your trade show a hit.

  1. Choose the right conference- There are many trade shows that take place around the year, but each of them might not be your area of interest. The trick to making your presence at a particular trade show a successful one. There are different trade shows which are organized for different purposes. As a business owner, its imperative that you must figure out which trade shows are important for your venture and based on it you must participate in it. Apart from this, its also advisable to get to know about the footfall that it had received previously, which are the other companies participating it and the place where it is being organized. This will give you an estimate about how beneficial the trade show can be for your business.
  2. A staggering website- in order for you to know the effectiveness of trade shows, you must check their website. It will give you an indication of whether attending this trade show will be beneficial for you or not. The website works as a marketing channel and it also illustrates the success story of the previously held trade shows. Thus, making it easy for you to decide. Fret Free will show you different types of booths that you can have at trade show which will immediately catch the attention of the visitors.
  3. Stall Placement- When we talk about trade shows there are hundreds of companies participating in it. Some of the trade shows have fewer numbers but you can still expect around 50 stalls in a business trade show. Fret Free believes that in such a situation, it becomes very important that your company should stand out of the crowd and the placement of stalls plays an important role in it. For example, the stall should be placed at a location which falls in the way of the consumer path, it should not be located at one corner and most importantly it must not have other stalls hindering the view of your stall from a distance.
  4. Try to do things differently- Remember, the objective of participating in a trade show is to generate brand awareness and at the same time fetch the attention of potential customers. Make sure that when you are participating in a trade show, your stall should have a striking color combination which can easily fetch the eyes of the people. You can have a mascot or organize some quiz which can fetch the people’s attention. The most important factor that one must take into consideration while participating in a trade show is that your booth should be attractive. As mentioned earlier, you can make use of striking colors. Here booth designers like Fret Free come into the picture that will help you design booth differently.But, what if the trade show has a set pattern? Well, you can always tweak it as per your requirement, for example, you can add banners with bold letters, striking taglines, logos, banner stand, interactive elements like touch screens, you can conduct the survey. All-in-all the success of participating in a trade show lies in optionally utilizing all your resources form manpower, to stall to the presentation.
  1. Giveaways- We all love gifts so why not use this idea in your trade show as well. Based on the product or services that your company is offering you can give branded merchandise like pens, glasses, key chains, pen drives etc. If you get them in bulk, it will be a cheaper affair and this you can make your brand reach the hands and minds of many people. Another great way to create an impact is that you can have a photo booth at your stall. People can get their photos clicked and upload it on their social media platform, this your brand will get a much wider visibility.


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