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5 Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing An Email Marketing Software

Email marketing has become the most effective way to communicate about your services, products or to build a solid relationship with your audience and to increase conversions. Most of the companies who send automated emails send them in relevance to the past purchasing history of the customer.

The majority of revenue generated through email campaigns is through prior purchase based triggered campaigns rather than through one size fits all campaigns. The automated email campaign roughly accounts for 21% of email marketing revenue.

5 Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing An Email Marketing Software

With human interaction becoming minimal, email marketing has become a big deal. Email marketing effectively manages your engagement with existing customers or new prospects, by managing your list, connect and campaign.

Email marketing is not just random sending of promo emails about your services or products to people and hoping they will get attracted and become profitable conversions. It is a humanized conversation through words, communicating your message using targeted content.

Earlier businesses used an Excel spreadsheet coupled with Outlook to manage their lists and send emails. This method is no longer feasible or apt for modern days. Something more efficient is needed.

Most entrepreneurs/marketers feel email marketing produces significant ROI, so it is vital to choose the correct email marketing software.

There are various key factors to be considered when choosing an email marketing software. And if you are looking for the best email software, here is alternatives for mailchimp, and you can review them.

1). Integration

People working in digital marketing depend entirely on their CRM(Customer Relationship Management Software). Manually updating mailing lists and sending emails is tedious and time-consuming, so an email marketing platform is needed, which integrates seamlessly with the CRM software.

Thus providing a hassle-free system to manage valuable content and customer data and providing an overview of crucial metrics, i.e. open rates, click-through rates, etc. to analyze how various campaigns are performing.

2). Mobile Optimized Template

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, most people check their emails on their mobiles/smartphones. Day by day, fewer people operate their mail account from the traditional desktop, which leads to the requirement of an email marketing tool with mobile-optimized template and functionality.

This is necessary because if the prospective client opens the email on their phone, and it doesn’t open/display correctly, then the efforts will be wasted. You can go with a Mailerlite Alternative and get a good collection of mobile-optimized templates built-in.

5 Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing An Email Marketing Software

3). Automated Response handling

Any marketing business, small, medium or large sends thousands of emails per month to its client. For a small business, responding to customers’ emails still can be managed manually to some extent.

But for a medium or large organization, handling the mass amounts of emails is a gigantic task. So the software is needed, which can send automated responses to customer queries or aggregate customer responses into tickets.

4). Analytics

Any email marketing software should give the tools to do in-depth analysis and track conversions. Comprehensive user tracking is required to record the information on every customer interaction.

This data provides the knowledge to generate leads and solutions which give higher conversions.

5 Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing An Email Marketing Software

5). Personalization

Personalized newsletters or emails have higher transaction rates as compared to standard ones. The email marketing software should have tools that allow personalized subject lines, content, videos, images, etc. to suit different requirements. This results in sophisticated interactions with the subscribers according to various parameters.

Your email marketing campaign is the most valuable tool to connect with existing or new customers. You deserve an email delivery system that is reliable and trustworthy.

This list of top Mailchimp Alternatives will help you make a smarter decision. Choose a service provider carefully that offers you easy-to-use solutions with best email deliverability, scalability, and reliability.

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He is a bearded marketer currently working on growing SendX – Intuitive, Affordable and Feature-Rich Email Marketing Software.

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