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5 Things to Do When Somebody Passes Away

When your family member or a loved one dies, you need to do a lot of things. There is no doubt in the fact that the time can be stressful and depressing. But it is advisable to not let the anxiety come over you and tackle the situation in a matured manner by performing a number of tasks.

Everyone wants to avoid a lot of paperwork. In order to avoid potential problems in future, you need to be responsible about a number of tasks. Here is the to-do list when somebody passes away:

Make burial arrangements

  1. A formal declaration of death

When somebody passes away, it is imperative to formally declare their death. A medical professional needs to pronounce the death. You should call the emergency line if someone passes away at home and get them transferred into the emergency room. Also make sure you call all the friends, family and acquaintances and make arrangements for the memorial. This is the first and foremost step one must take if somebody dies.

  1. Make burial arrangements

It is important to know the rights in such situation. Making burial arrangements is imperative at this point. The burial industry tends to be ethical; however, there are some unethical players as well so you need to be aware. The mortuary or the funeral home will also hand the death certificates. Make sure you keep multiple copies of it. Take into account the funeral costs, transportation costs and all the hidden fees that can incur. Apart from this, you will also need to buy a headstone or gravestone for your loved one. Further, you would need to decide what material you want as per the cemetery standards. You can buy headstones made from marble, bronze grave headstones, or granite.

  1. Clean up the remaining estate

This is perhaps one of the most difficult and challenging tasks to do when somebody dies. The person might have left a lot of estate behind that needs to either be sold or donated to a charity. You can always call a service like dø that cleans up the remaining estate and sells the item. However, you can do it on your own as well. Make sure the remaining estate is categorized into different boxes and them sell them accordingly.

  1. Find the will and executor

This is where legal professionals come into play. Find the will and inform the family members where the property, money and the remaining belongings will go. Go through all the legal processes. It is better to take help of lawyers. Each state has different laws and a distinct format of how the remaining property will be distributed. An executor will be appointed by the court to deal the process.

  1. Organ donation

This is the final thing, however, it always remain a choice depending on your beliefs and preferences. If you want to donate the organs of the body, make sure the consent is taken and a medical certificate is obtained. Then you can go through all the legal formalities before putting this point into effect.

The bottom line

Here are some of the essential things that you need to do once somebody passes away. Make sure each and every step is done in an organized manner.

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