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5 Things That Help Casino Mobile Apps Attract New Users

As the world has become increasingly digital, the world of mobile gambling has exploded exponentially. In fact, just in the US alone, mobile games revenue hit $10.73 billion, which isn’t a small number. Globally, online gambling accounted for roughly 20% of the overall gambling industry.

This trend isn’t likely to stop, especially as we see lockdowns still being maintained, even with a wider rollout of vaccinations. To that end, there are certain things that can help mobile casinos get a larger share of the market compared to their competitors.


Emphasizing Health Guidelines

The first and foremost is to emphasize how gambling online is safer than going to a physical location. As mentioned above, the pandemic is still ongoing, and large swathes of the world are still under lockdown. Even places that aren’t on lockdown might restrict access to physical casinos for the sake of social distancing.

Therefore, messaging around this point can help sell your app better.

In addition to the point above, modern players are more conscious of the effects of online casinos and gambling addiction. This is why sites like Live Japan Casino have begun working with authorities and regulators to ensure that players don’t fall into harmful addictive patterns, but also to clarify that they are taking steps to mitigate problematic gambling.

Again, messaging around a more ethical bottom line as a mobile app can help bring in new users.

Engaging Younger Demographics

With the recent spate of online investing through the Robinhood app, we can see that the average user is roughly 31. As such, attempting to not only engage younger millennials, but also members of the Gen Z community can help bring in fresh faces.

This point plays on the fact that traditional, land-based alternatives for betting aren’t as widely accessible. By directly engaging with this younger demographic, a potential mobile gambling app can present a long-term alternative to traditional lotteries and casinos.

You can also leverage the rising star of Cryptocurrency, which is both widely used and easily traded by millennials and Gen Zers. In fact, this can offer them an easier entry into gambling than traditional cash or credit-based formats.

Another alternative is to allow these demographics to try gambling with a digital currency that isn’t tied to any real money. In that way, you can give them a demo of what your mobile casino app has to offer.


Excellent Loyalty Programs

Traditional casinos tend to rely pretty heavily on royalty programs, not only to bring new users in, but also to help with player retention.

When a new player signs up for your app, they are essentially making a leap of faith in terms of loyalty to your brand. They want to know that not only is their loyalty going to be rewarded, but also that it has value. In that sense, making sure the rewards themselves are enticing  and long-lasting can have a positive effect on bringing new players in.

Furthermore, there is a lot of adjustability in loyalty programs which allows for mobile apps to work around different goals. For example, if the goal is to encourage user retention, loyalty programs can revolve around unique loyalty-only events. On the other hand, if the focus is on bringing in new players, messaging can emphasize big give-aways and prizes.

With the effects of the pandemic hitting traditional casinos hard, and the positive impact of Coronavirus on online gambling, now is the perfect time to attract new players through strong loyalty programs.

Focus on the Consumer Savings

Tied to the point above, nowadays most consumers do not have the same disposable income as they did a few years ago. According to the World Economic Forum, 114 million people lost their jobs due to the pandemic, amounting to a $3.7 trillion loss in labor income. This is a staggering amount of money for people to not have.

As such, it’s important to alter the narrative to reflect this new reality that most people are dealing with. Instead of focusing on the traditional negative aspects of random luck involved with lotteries, the narrative instead can focus more on contributions the gambling industry makes to local communities.

Usually, this is done through marketing, and your mobile app can do the same.

If this isn’t really an option, the ‘narrative’ of savings can be tied to your loyalty program, and players can be made to realize that they are not going to be wasting their investment of time and money.


Larger Focus on Security and Convenience

One of the best things online gambling apps have going for them is convenience. Unlike traditional, land-based casinos, online gambling doesn’t require the player to go anywhere and deal with the associated pressures (transportation,eating outside the home, etc.). This point is even more important to hammer on given the global lockdown due to the pandemic.

Another thing that ties into convenience is that online gambling can often be much more secure than land-based gambling.

While it’s true that online gambling has a traditionally bad reputation when it comes to account information being stolen and the like, things have been changing a lot recently. Again, a big spearhead has been cryptocurrency, which lets users avoid putting personal or credit card information into your system.

Instead, they can simply transfer over the cryptocurrency without too much fuss and feel secure in the knowledge that their data remains private.

Therefore, if your mobile app doesn’t have the option of cryptocurrency, you should heavily consider adding it. Similarly, while you hit the marketing points of better security and privacy due to cryptocurrency, you should also point out the convenience of digital currencies and online gambling.

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