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5 Reasons To Install Panic Button In Your Office

We often tend to overlook the importance of security until something damaging happens. Don’t wait for that kind of situation to arise in your office to seriously consider safeguarding it. While you make sure that your office is secure with CCTV cameras, locks, emergency exits and smoke alarms, don’t forget to install a panic button. A panic button is not just meant for banks, with all its advantages it is very much required in all important places like office buildings, house, shops, supermarkets etc. Here are some reasons why it will be beneficial for your office.

Install Panic Button In Your Office

5 Reasons To Install Panic Button In Your Office

1. Alerting Authorities at The Right Time

Intruders, thieves and burglars can enter your office anytime to steal valuables or, sometimes, just to cause harm if your work is controversial type like journalism, law and many others. These mis-happenings are not inevitable but its effects are. During those kinds of situations, calling the authorities is not possible but just pressing a button is doable. A panic button will be helpful in alerting the authorities about the situation, getting their help and preventing harmful consequences.

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2. Employees’ Safety

Your employees should feel safe working in the office, they should have the assurance that if there is an emergency, they can call for help anytime. A panic button will be an easy safety measure right at their disposal. Knowing that they can get help at the press of a button, will give them peace of mind and they will feel safer in the workplace. With the help of a panic button, onsite staff can be notified, so they can take safety precautions and move to a safer place. You don’t want to lose your employees’ confidence for lack of security, right? 

3. Being Prepared for Emergency

A panic button is not only useful for alerting authorities when security is compromised but also for emergency situations like fire, violence inside or outside the premises and even medical emergencies. It is equally hazardous as a gunman or thief in your office. Fire, especially, is very prevalent in office buildings and is one of the most damaging emergencies that can occur. There should already be fire extinguishers in place (and, if not, you can visit here to get some) but, if you have panic buttons installed, they can alert everyone to evacuate, thus saving lives. Panic buttons can even help prevent further losses by alerting the fire department to the emergency once they have been triggered.

4. Safeguarding Your Office Valuables

Your office must be containing valuable things like computers, television, high end devices and even some important documents that needs to be kept secured. You don’t want to lose those but remember the camera will only record not stop, the fire extinguisher will be of no help here, and the emergency exit? Maybe the thief will run away from there. A panic button pressed at the very beginning can get the much-needed police help. It is a quicker and safer option. 

5. Its Accessibility

A panic button is not something hi-tech or inaccessible to unaware person. It is security at the easiest. A person doesn’t have to shout that a thief has entered, he doesn’t have to call for help or an authority through a phone, and he doesn’t need a training course or a manual to take action rather he just has to press a button when he senses some security issue. So a panic button for office is one of the most important security measures that every office holder should consider seriously.

As one can see that security is a big concern now a days. Not just banks or jewelry stores, even offices should be properly secured with safety measures recommended. And a panic button is something you shouldn’t compromise with. It will definitely compliment your other security measures. Make sure you get enough of panic buttons at right places by assessing your building and planning accordingly. And get it installed right away.

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