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5 Ideas For Your Construction Business That Give It Significant Marketing Mileage

  1. Establish A Great Website

Every business that strives to make an impact online needs a website. Having an online presence is paramount for your business, whether a small construction company that offers home remodeling services or a large and established company that builds multi-million-dollar structures. Clients want to look the business up on the internet and find it, getting valuable information about what you provide. 

Think of it as presenting a business card to potential clients; that is what your website does, and it can help build trust in your customers. The online presence establishes a sense of legitimacy since you can be found online, then clients can focus on the next consideration when searching for the type of services you offer.

When creating the marketing website for your construction business, it should feature the following:

  • An about page that informs visitors about you, your history, and construction experience
  • A service page that informs potential clients of the services you provide
  • A testimonial page that helps build brand trust
  • A gallery page with a visual appeal, showing the best of your work
  • A blog page to support your continued optimization efforts by posting fresh content
  • A contact page detailing how clients can reach you

Keep in mind that SEO is vital for keeping your website relevant regarding related online searches. Therefore, strive for dynamic search engine optimization focused on On-page and Off-page optimization. Also, establish an avenue for blogging to ensure you regularly feed valuable search-optimized content and updates to the site.

  1. Leverage Social Media

It is wise to point out that there is more to social media than conversing with friends and entertaining each other. Social media can be an effective marketing tool for your construction business if you know how to go about it correctly.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can be social media platforms that home building and remodeling companies can use to reach homeowners. They can use them to establish a robustly networked referral community that will advertise your business or services via word of mouth and on their social media accounts.

Social media is also an excellent option for taking a more personal approach in building relationships with your customers, especially those who are your followers. It calls for you to show the community you are a proactive civic business leader. From a commercial perspective, LinkedIn should be the primary platform for companies in the B2B market and the large-scale construction business, even though they also should consider having a Facebook page.

A LinkedIn presence gives you an avenue to interact with shakers and movers in the industry whose proposal submissions eye the large projects. You also have an opportunity to build a referral network with different vendors. All these are achievable if you maintain an attractive LinkedIn profile that is professional and informative. Also, include links to the articles you post on your website and blog to show that you are a knowledgeable leader in your sector.

  1. Create A Newsletter

Newsletters are an effective strategy when email marketing. Send out emails to your subscribers at least once a month, attaching a newsletter that highlights your ongoing projects, what you have completed, and what is in the pipeline. You also can include company member highlights, new equipment from and your community outreach efforts.

Promoting a sale or discount in the email is fine, but the content in your newsletter should not focus on sales. It should touch on other aspects of your business if the newsletter is to be the ideal tool for establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with your customers/subscribers.

  1. Make An Impact With Audio-Visuals

Videos can deliver the desired impact if you want something that can pass the message when introducing your business on the home page of the company’s website or when using social media platforms. It can be an elaborate and highly efficient marketing tool that you can also include in the newsletters you email out each month. It is best to keep it short, informative, and appealing; that is how audio-visuals can help you garner significant marketing mileage with minimal effort from the other content you post. Therefore, it is an investment you should not overlook in your construction marketing strategy.

  1. Build Partnerships

Buildings are constructions made up of different materials. They are a partnership of various elements that form a solid structure. Equally, partnerships will give your construction business a firm footing. Working with trusted players in your industry can see you find great lead builders. You can source potential partners from trusted vendors you interact with offline and online on LinkedIn and social media platforms.

Also, consider creating a “partners” page on your business website and adding a contact form for those who wish to partner with you. Reach out to organizations that could benefit from a partnership and request them to publicize the membership on their sites as you do the same on yours. You can start with the ACG (Associated General Contractors of Georgia) and the local Chamber of Commerce and Business Associations.

Ann Castro
Ann Castro
Ann Castro is a lead author at Techicy who writes on Technology, Home Improvement, and Businesses around the world. With a background in Journalism, Ann has a professional experience of more than seven years working with some of the big media companies. She is also an avid traveler, a singer, and a guitarist.


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