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5 Facts You Should Know About Dect Phones

While at work it is not guaranteed that you will always be present at your desk. Your job might entail going to sites outside the office yet while there you still require communicating with members of your team. However this does not in any way imply you should not be reachable to take a call. In this case you require a phone that connects to your office system so that it is business as usual. This is the only way for you to keep in tune with what is going on while you are not on your desk.

About Dect Phones

Thankfully there are Dect phones for use in such cases while in and around the office. These will enable you to make and receive calls in much the same way as if you are in the office. This is no mean feat where business is concerned as you get to continue communicating with your team. Here are facts about the phones;

  • They have a wireless connection linked to the pbx system to allow several handsets to keep in touch. This has to work in an area of coverage of the dect base station. In case there is need to increase coverage area then signal boosters can be used when strategically placed between the phone and the base station. Additional repeater will offer the same effect of enhanced coverage as well.
  • Should you go for the IP phone system you will have more features in comparison to using analogue ones. They come light too and are small in size. When you go for a Dect it is like having a mobile phone but instead of using GSM it works with a custom wireless network through a base station as well as repeaters. You will be able to make use of the public phone line on this phone as it can be linked to the backend system.
  • There are added features that come with the phone to enhance your experience. You do not have to miss out on functionalities of your office phone such as conference calls, extending calls and call transfer or waiting. This makes it the ideal phone for various office settings such as in hotels and warehouses.
  • You can get yourself a RTX Dect phone in your home office or at home. Quite useful for large companies too as they can be expanded to over 200 phones.
  • Yealink and Grand stream Dects are both affordable for use in businesses depending on size. Yealink works well for small businesses while grand stream works for small businesses and residential homes.

Communication is made easy for you while you are out of office with these small phones. It is as if you never left in the first place as you are able to keep talking to business partners nevertheless. It is easy for you to make a choice from the available options to be able to meet your needs. What a great way for you to do business through maintaining contact with colleagues while away from office.

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