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5 Essential Features of FxPro Desktop Trading Platform That Make It a Huge Hit

Getting the most out of day exchanging means having the capacity to make fast judgments on restricted data. You are making wagers – purchase and offer requests – in light of how rapidly a business sector position can turn. Day exchanging is a decent approach to profit, it’s likewise something that will speak to just a specific sort of identity. In the event that you are that kind of identity, read on.

Despite a comparatively late entry into the market of automated trading platforms, FxPro cTrader has quickly gained popularity. Within no time, it became the preferred trading platform of many leading ECN brokers.

FxPro Desktop Trading Platform

Today, FxPro is available for desktop trading, web based trading, and mobile trading.

However, there have been several reviews for the product that have come out recently and have been published. Here we would point out the 5 key features of the trading platform that have made it so popular.

  1. Clean User Interface

When people are trading, there are a number of calculations that are running through their heads. They are thinking about so many things and aspects at the same time. The clutter on screen of the trading platform may just make it that much harder to focus for them. This is where cTrader differentiates itself.

The clean user interface keeps things simple and clutter free for the traders. This not only minimizes distractions but also improves concentration.

  1. Easy to Find Features

The platform has been designed in such a way that it is easy for the traders to use. There are several functionalities packed in the desktop platform but each of them is grouped and placed in the interface in such a manner that it is easy to find and use them.

For example, a trader does not have to dig deep under several layers to find the crucial functionalities of buy or sell. This ease of use is getting the desktop platform rave reviews.

  1. Charting Functionality

There is no denying the fact that one of the key elements of a trading platform is the charts that are available.

In FxPro cTrader desktop version, the charting area is quite big, making it extremely prominent on the screen. These charts can be moved around on the screen as per the trader’s choice. Traders can either have only one chart fill the screen, or have two charts sitting side by side. Traders can also create their own unique placement of the chart.

The charts are customizable and can be easily edited for data, timelines, and theme. So, a trader can have a data for trend, volume, etc.

  1. Demo Account Feature

While many other trading platforms do offer desktop version, not all of them have a demo account functionality. However, this is very critical for new traders who do not have a lot of market experience. The FxPro’s platform allows the new traders to open a demo account and just practice trading without losing out on any money. They can place trades as if they are in live situation and take a feel for trading.

  1. Prompt Support

Any software needs to come with ample support in the backend for the users. FxPro’s technical assistance for desktop version is pretty good and comprehensive. This has added to the popularity of the trading platform.

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