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5 Best Tablets for Work and Entertainment in 2020

With portability and mobility on the rise, the tablet has somehow replaced laptops partially. We cannot deny the importance of laptops due to their features and functionalities, but sometimes they can’t be carried with ease. Carrying a bulky laptop is far more difficult than carrying a tablet. Especially, if you are on the move all day long, tablets can offer you everything a laptop does.

5 Best Tablets for Work and Entertainment in 2020

In most of the households, tablets are being used in a variety of ways. Some might use it for entertainment purposes such as streaming or gaming. While others might use it for work purposes to send emails, schedule meetings, video conferencing, and project management.

No matter what purpose you are using a tablet for, the internet is the backbone to conduct all the activities. Especially if you want to stream blockbuster movies, or binge-watch the latest TV series, the faster the speed, the better it is. If you are low on budget, but still looking for a lucrative deal, we would recommend you check out Spectrum discounts offered on Spectrum’s bundle deals. There is no shame in wanting to save your hard-earned money, and Spectrum agrees by offering discounts on all three services it offers.

With each passing day, we see a plethora of tablets launching and replacing the older ones on the shelves. Picking the best one is quite challenging. But don’t worry, we are going to shed some light on some of the best tablets in 2020. Without further ado, let’s get started. 

Fire HD 10 Tablet

When talking about tablets, the Fire HD 10 Tablet cannot be ignored due to its performance, functionalities, and portability. The tablet offers a large display in 1080p full HD. The crisp and clear details and picture clarity is out of imagination.

The tablet comes with a 2.0 GHz octa-core processor, making it 30% faster than its predecessors. The 2 GB Ram is sufficient to work smoothly while several applications are running in the background. The powerful battery keeps you engaged in watching movies, playing games, and other online activities for around 12 hours.

Fire HD 10 Tablet is not loaded with basic Android apps. You can access a huge library of apps, songs, TV episodes, eBooks, and much more. Stream or download for offline viewing from premium video platforms including SHOWTIME, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and STARZ. Never run out of apps and games as Fire HD 10 is loaded with over 570,000 games and apps. Rock your life with music and songs that can be accessed through this tablet. 

Apple iPad 2020

Apple iPad 2020 is the 8th gen iPad from tech giant Apple with plenty of tweaks and improvement in performance from the previous versions. The A12 Bionic chip is all set to offer you blazing speed without any glitches or lags. When we talk about the screen, the iPad 2020 brings more clarity and vivid display than ever before. The smart keyboard and pencil (sold separately) make it easy to scroll and perform activities in a blink.

The A12 chip has been more powerful than ever as it allows multitasking smoothly without letting you wait or resetting your device. Moreover, iPadOS 14 allows you to write to translate text, and makes it an essential buy for everyone looking for ease and convenience. Apple has to consider redesigning the body as the big bezels are now thing of the past and make it look a little historic. 

Microsoft Surface Go 2

Microsoft released Surface Go with plenty of flaws and glitches that were meant to be fixed. The latest release of Microsoft Surface Go 2 has done its job with plenty of tweaks and repairs to fix the issues. The screen display has improved by trimming down on bezels. The latest tablet has a 10.5-inch display to offer a larger display than its predecessor having 10.0 inches screen.

Most of the flagship devices offer mind-blowing features, but battery life is not up to the mark. However, with Microsoft Surface Go 2 you can use it as long as 11 hours compared to the Surface Go offering only 5 hours of battery. The webcam is a great addition to this tablet with a 1080p display and 5MP capacity. Whether you want to have a video call with your family staying out of the country or attend a meeting on Zoom, you will be surprised to see the performance and clarity. Although Microsoft Surface Go 2 is a bit expensive, if you are looking for a one-time investment, this tablet won’t disappoint you. 

reMarkable 2

Whether you are a storyteller, a blogger, or a fiction writer, remarkable 2 is one of the best tablets in 2020. As you might have experienced that Apple’s pencil does not offer you a smooth experience. However, with this tablet, the writing experience is way beyond imagination. The tablet offers you a real writing experience featuring a unique screen that uses digital paper. Moreover, the marker stylus gives you a real writing experience when you press the nib against the screen. Remarkable 2 will make you fall in love as the plastic frame is kept minimal for a thin and sleeker metallic chassis.

Remarkable 2 is not just a tablet for writing only. You can also synchronize your important documents on the cloud to access it from a plethora of devices including Android, iPhone, PC, and Mac. In addition, it also helps you translate the writing to editable text to let you share the notes with your associates or draft ideas for later use. You can use the tablet without worrying about its battery life. Work for long hours without plugging the charger. 

Apple iPad Air 2019

Apple iPad Air 2019 is the best midrange tablet in 2020 powered by M12 Coprocessor, 8MP rear camera, and 7Mp front camera. The tablet comes in two variants of storage including 64Gb and 256GB.

Battery life is optimal for daily use and can work for hours without plugging the charger. Speed A12 Bionic CPU makes it a blazing fast device for work and entertainment purposes. One of the drawbacks of the Apple iPad Air 2019 is that it can only with 1st Gen Apple Pencil. If you are a huge fan of Apple products, this tablet is worth giving a try.

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