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5 Best PC Games of All Time

Pc gaming is dominating the world of games with different games versions being released almost in every month. We can all agree that choosing the best game to play among the many versions is quite tricky. Although all the computer games available on the softwares are fun and enticing, the following are the top five games that you must consider playing.

Best PC Games

Top five best PC gaming of all time

1. Shadow Tactics” Balde of the Shogun

This is the best choice for a pc game filled with lots of fun. According to vLoot, It involves the main character also referred to as Fraser Brown going through various obstacles to entering the palace. You have to use multiple sneaky tactics to pass the guards in the castle, and sometimes you may be required to kill some in case you are not able to escape. Note that you have to create your backup team to help you in destroying the guards for easy access to the palace. So this is an action and at the same time fun game to have.

Shadow Tactics Balde of the Shogun

2. Fear: Andy Chalk

Some people love the combat games where they get to exercise shooting and fighting with the use of different war equipment, and Fear offers a platform for such players. The game features horrific firings, killing fighting and also explosion against the real Al ever which are created for FPS. The best part is that the games are highlighted with a broad variety of fighting devices and other explosive devices to select from.

3. Garry’s Mod

Another excellent game that you must try out in 2018. The set basically contains various feature and gives the player(you) the freedom and opportunity to use and manipulate different props like the furniture containers and anything available for use in the sandbox. The player uses the fighting devices such as the physics gun which protects him from the enemies by freezing them. Another fighting device that you can implement on the battlefield or instead provided for the player is the multipurpose tool that enables you to collect and join together all the props, create the necessary interactive buttons and also vehicles for transportation such as the winches and wheels. The tool gun enables you to control and change most of the features on the on the sandbox. This is an exciting game and therefore if you would like to learn more about Garry’s mod or even learn how to get Gmod Free, different online websites provide all these information.

4. Grim Fandango Remastered.

I would recommend this pc game for those who are addicted to zombie movies. This gives you an opportunity of exploring this zombie based game. It features skeletons and giant bees. The game is based on an epic noir love story.

5. World Warcraft.

This is another excellent pc game for people who want to practice some tactics on the battlefield. The world warcraft is a game which requires the player to select a worrier to represent them in the battlegrounds. It can be either a man or a woman depending on your preference. It is an excellent warring game that has over 100 million subscriptions worldwide.

If you are a beginner in the pc gaming world, the above are five best games to consider downloading to start to enjoy. They are fun and give you the freedom of being control of a war zone at the comfort of your home.

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