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5 Best Online Casino Games that You Should Try

Online casino games are the perfect pastime between works. They offer a chance to wind down and relax. You can carve the hours as you go from one site to another. The element of chance and the potential for great rewards is a brilliant incentive.

5 Best Online Casino Games

Before you start playing online casino games for money, you should check out the respective laws of your state. For example, if you are in Illinois, you need to know that they haven’t legalized online casinos yet. But, as several casinos are now operating under legislation, online casinos might not have to wait much longer.

So, if you are looking to elevate your online casino experience to the next level, the read on to find out five online casino games that you should try.

Money Train

Developed by Relax Gaming, this slot game takes you to the Wild West. The game nails everything about the setting. It’s a high-quality game that’s sure to “wow” you.

You will find the reels inside a train cart. A fitting choice, given that gunslingers used to rob a lot of trains. The sounds as you move through the game set the mood. The music has the twang and violins that characterize Western movies.

On top of the sounds, the visuals are stunning. The color palette and backgrounds capture the aesthetic well. Character models and symbols have tons of detail. The game chugs you along with generous rewards along the way.

Money Train is a brilliant game to get your Wild West cravings met.

Pirates’ Plenty

Take to the high seas and search for loot in this beautiful game. You’re sure to have a great time playing Pirates’ Plenty.

The animations are fluid and smooth. Every roaring sea wave and booming cannon shot is powerful and jaw-dropping. The reels are splendid to look at as well.

Despite the high stakes, the sound of the waves is relaxing. But if you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, this game has that. The sounds ratchet up in intensity, the more you play.

The game even features the famous Blackbeard as a character. What more do you need?

Rise of Dead

If you’re into exploring ancient cultures, check this game out. Rise of Dead takes you to the world of Ancient Egypt. It’s a beautiful world with gorgeous visuals.

The game will hook you with its enticing soundtrack. Each Egyptian landmark is stunning, just like the unique artifacts you’ll find. The slot gameplay is fun and addictive.

Rise of Dead has an added element of adventure. If you can find the mysterious Scarab, you can get a huge payout. All in all, it’s a great excursion to the land of Egypt.

Mystic Wheel

This game has fantasy and mystery galore. Set in Celtic culture, Mystic Wheel has you looking for treasure in a cave.

The unique blend of nature and artifacts is a treat for the eyes. Each symbol pops on the screen. Each of them tells a unique story. The lush backgrounds wonderfully accentuate these stories.

Apart from free spins, there’s a unique Mystic Wheel that’s sure to keep you hooked.

The Sword and the Grail

With a unique medieval setting, this game is one of the best around. It has some of the best graphics and animations you will see in a slot game.

The story is riveting. It’s a grand tale of Arthurian characters and the Holy Grail. The sounds and music are epic. The reels are even better.

Online casino games don’t get better than this.


That wraps up our list. Next time you scour the web for a good time, make sure to have these games on your radar.

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