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4 Statistics that prove why small Businesses need Video Marketing

With good marketing strategies, your business is capable of standing out and performing better than its competition. Marketing determines the success of any small business. For starters, it helps in attracting more clients to the business. Other than that, it also increases the business’ visibility to customers. Several stats prove the efficacy of videos in marketing. In this article, we consider a few crucial video marketing statistics that small businesses need to understand.

Video is the Perfect Medium for Passing the Right Message Across

Fewer tools are as effective as video in passing the right message across. With texts, you’re never sure if readers will get what you are saying. As research shows, clients will only retain 10 percent of the marketing stuff they read from you. On the other hand, the figures for videos are outstanding. Marketers have discovered that people watching videos are likely to retain as much as 95 percent of the message from promo videos. Learn more about it at

Videos Boost Web Ranking

For some time now, Google has been ranking websites based on the inclusion of videos too. More importantly, the videos have to be of the highest quality. Other than that, they must be useful and relevant to the content you wish to relay. Remember, video content is likely to double the number of time visitors spend on your website. Additionally, videos also boost conversion rates. For example, it boosts conversion rates by up to 80 percent on landing pages.

small Businesses need Video Marketing

Videos are More Affordable and Accessible

In the past, small businesses avoided videos as they considered them too costly and inaccessible. Over the last few years, though, that has changed. Today, videos are just as affordable and easily accessible as any other marketing tool. These days, you can shoot excellent videos with nothing other than your smartphone or tablet. Furthermore, you can edit the videos using some stunning software that you can get free or at a small fee!

Videos will be Responsible for 85% of All Traffic by 2022

More remarkably, videos are set to be responsible for all traffic on the Internet in the next 2-3 years. What will inspire that? For starters, more clients are increasingly forming the habit of consuming videos. They would rather watch videos instead of reading the best-written content. A typical user would spend roughly an-hour-and-a-half watching videos. Apart from that, 15 percent of people prefer to dedicate three hours each day watching videos!

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