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4 Reasons Why More & More Millennials Are Investing In Mutual Funds In 2019

Wondering around what to do with your extra earnings? Well, it’s not just the headache of yours, but the millennials around the world have the same roulette going around their head. So when it’s about a solution, let’s talk about the mutual fund. Its an instrument for investing in bonds and securities which will give you a periodic return on your investment. Now for a better experience of this approach, you can invest in SBI mutual fund with Mobikwik.

4 Reasons Why More & More Millennials Are Investing In Mutual Funds In 2019

Let’s have a mutual understanding of mutual funds

A Mutual Fund is a sort of financial instrument that is used as a pool for investors to invest in securities like a bond, money market, stocks and other assets. These things are operated and conducted by financial managers who assess and allocate funds as and when required. The whole process also aims at allocating gain or income for the fund investors. Overall the portfolio of the mutual fund is designed with the objective of matching the investment objectives with the prospectus.

The mutual fund also gives professional investors access to manage the portfolios of the company. Therefore, shareholders or debenture holders can participate in the overall running of the business and will also bear its profit and loss. The exception and limitations of a mutual fund depend upon the type of share or debenture a person holds. But, if you are looking to avert risk and make a maximum profit, then you can go on with the SBI mutual fund.

4 reasons why you should opt for investing in mutual funds in 2019 

Expert advice matters when it comes to opting for investing in Mutual Fund. It is only because a good adviser can lead in the right direction. That is the maximization of profit and minimization of loss on investment. So, to achieve your personal financial goal, here are four ways in which it can become beneficial to you:

Choose your own scheme

These are one of the significant benefits of investing in a mutual fund that everyone has the option to make their personal choice. Currently, there are more than 2,000 active schemes. This means that you can choose your fund contrary to the risk involved.

In terms of the risk of investing in a mutual fund – debt funds are least risky, hybrid funds had a moderate chance, and equity share involves the highest amount of risk. Even these categories can be further sub-categories. For-example an equity fund of large-cap can offer subtle returns. On the other hand, a small-cap or mid-cap can fluctuate widely but can provide you with higher performance in the long term. And when it’s about investing in a debt fund, it will offer a higher return if compared to the guilt fund but will have higher risks.

Advantage of High Liquidity

The best thing about investing in an open-ended mutual fund is that you can buy and sell your share at any time. The buyable or the redeemable value is based on the valuation of the asset for that day. Moreover, close-ended funds are liquid even though they’re for a fixed duration. Once the funds of these types are listed on the stock exchange, trading of these stocks can be done freely. So, you will always get a high level of liquidity when it comes to open-ended or closed-ended funds.

The only exception to this benefit is that in case of some tax saving funds or mutual funds, it comes with a lock-in period of three months.


It is always worthwhile to invest in a mutual fund. Basically, when you invest in equity, you have to bear costs like paying of security transaction tax and brokerage. And the cost keeps mounting with a higher number of transactions. But in case of a mutual fund, the investors can make bulk transactions and hence, can enjoy the economies of scale.

For example, investors can get lower brokerage rate. Also, an investor with a debt fund can negotiate with a higher interest rate since they deal in large quantities.


The investment in a mutual fund deals with two main asset classes – equity and debt. Investors can make their choices, whether they want to invest in debt or equity or hybrid. The benefit of a mutual fund is that irrespective of whatever choices you make you will get a variety on fixed income instrument. Moreover, diversification helps investors in reducing the risk involved in an investment.

Before investing, the only thing that matters is having proper knowledge of mutual fund. It’s just not about how you capitalize your extra earning but how you invest and with what perspective. Remember one thing before you make an investment that a portfolio of a company represents its performance. So, try going for those portfolios that can give you a hope of higher return.

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