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4 Dating Apps For Both Android And IOS

In this busy life where we all are so dependent on internet, we hardly get time to make friends and know people offline. And when we can get everything online such as clothing, furniture, food, grocery, then why not a date? Yes, a date! In this advanced technology, when we’re looking into internet for getting everything, we can get a date online too. How? Through some amazing one night stand apps. And today, we are going to talk about such dating apps only. Let’s take a look at 4 dating apps for android and IOS devices.

4 Dating Apps For Both Android And IOS



Tinder is an app that will click on your mind first whenever you talk about best dating apps available. Many people consider Tinder like any other free hookup site on internet. But what you don’t know is that, Tinder is considered to be the best dating app for both IOS and android, let me give a brief about it. For making an account on tinder, you can easily connect to your Facebook account and it will be made without troubling you much with questions. Once made, you can start using the app.

You can write a picky line for your introduction which will be visible whenever someone visits your profile. You also need to have your picture on your app to make sure you’re no fake person. You can add some interests so that a person will know if they’re right for you. You can swipe right if you like the person and wants to continue chatting with him/her or if rejected, swipe left. You can check top dating apps list.


OkCupid is equally popular as Tinder. The app has established itself pretty well in last few years. The tagline of the app is You’re more than just your photo and this line defines about its concept pretty well. It is a dating app which does not focus on looks much.

The app finds your ideal date on the basis of your preferences on passion and interest. You will have to write your interests, dislikes, preferences and all such things which would help the app to find a suitable match for you. This app is suitable for both android and IOS. So if you’re someone who cares more about the compatibility, wavelengths and not looks, OkCupid is for you.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel is again an established name. This is the app suitable for all the men out here. Here, the first move will be taken by the men of the app. Everyday, men will be showing interest in the women who are already having the account in this app. They will always be having a wide choice for selecting the few. If you’re a man, you can go to the profiles which you will see in suggestions, check their pictures and statuses and if you feel that they are your type, just show interest so that they will get to know. Men can select from all the women of the app.

However, it is not the same case with women. Here women will only see the men who have showed interest in them. If they like someone who did not show interest in them, they can not talk to them as they do not have the liberty to do so. Every noon, all the women will get the list and can filter out the best from them. Again after choosing, men will receive the interest which we call as Bagels but the number can not exceed 21.


Happn is quite different in this list of best dating app. The tagline of the app says Find the people you have crossed path with. And just like the tagline suggests, happn works on the same concept. Since most of the love stories end without meeting each other, this app has a solid plan for making the love happen in real life. Whenever you cross your path with someone who’s having a happn account downloaded on their smartphone and is an active member too, their profile will be seen on your profile. In fact, it will show that how many times did you two cross each other which might be a useful information for you to figure out who’s the one.

If you like someone, you can either like or dislike the profile which depends on your choice. If the person also likes you, you will be connected to him and can start chatting. However, if they shows up dislike, you can not go ahead with the conversation. One more good thing about the app is that it has a feature named crush which can be used to let someone know that you like them.

These were the 4 apps which are pretty good to use if you want someone to date with. Since all these apps are free to use, you can simply download it and start using them right away. All of the apps we have mentioned are good for IOS and android as well.

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