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3 Ways Tech Businesses Can Use Digital Marketing to Acquire First Customers

The future of the economy lies in the startup industry, with tech leading the healthily competitive landscape through its ever-increasing startups surpassing digital innovation — a massively rapid growth in the East that might soon replace the Silicon Valley in the United States of America a couple of years from now.

Digital Marketing to Acquire First Customers

With that said, you might still be wondering if all tech startups that launched became successful or not. Truth is, not all of them lasts in the industry. Some ideas are not feasible, some did not have original ideas, some did not get capital funding, some might have no experience with regards to their startup idea. But there are some who have potentials but also failed because they lacked someone who believed in their idea. Tech business is the most popular in the industry, and most of them end up being victims of their own “success”, that’s why their businesses fail in the end.

But, you don’t need to worry. If your tech startup has great potential for discoverability and expansion, follow these 3 ways that can help your business acquire leads instantly.

Influential connections will keep you afloat.

Today, most businesses who have influential connections jumpstart their customer acquisition strategy by featuring influential figures (or have your connection walk you towards an influential figure) because this helps boost the brand’s image, hence influencer marketing is one of the “it” marketing tactics for the past few years. Influencer marketing helps skyrocket business’ growth, that’s why 80% of the marketers say that influencer marketing is one the most effective form of marketing for them and they’re planning to increase their budget allocation for it.

Running, funding, and sustaining a tech business takes a lot of dedication, passion, grit, and expertise, that’s why it’s a greater accomplishment to make it on your own as a tech business without major help all the way from rock bottom to the top. This is what every entrepreneur and startup founder should always put in mind when their businesses are only making their way in their early days: connections help you hack and scale your business’ growth in the market. It’s a small world in the business and startup industry today: basically, everyone knows each other, even without several personal interactions. And the more authority figures you know within the startup industry, the more influence you can actually establish your business successfully.

Do not neglect the power of referrals.

Do not neglect the power of referrals.

Contrary to marketers’ predictions, word-of-mouth marketing (WOMM) is very much alive today and can help you get customers if you know how to strategise using the right channels. There are two kinds of word-of-mouth marketing: organic and amplified. Organic WOM is the traditional kind wherein social connections and/or satisfied customers share their feedback to increase awareness about your business while amplified WOM is the modern one where marketers launch campaigns to encourage word-of-mouth and create a new community that buzzes about your business.

What’s great about referrals is that it helps you grow your customers and increase your leads without major ad spend (for organic WOMM), you’re helping create a community that brings people with the same interests together, and this will help you land customers who will believe in your brand’s value.

Word of thought: it’s going to be easier when you have important connections who have influence among your business’ sector or if you’ve had a few customers who have tried your products or services on a trial, but it doesn’t mean that it will bring your business a huge amount of success.

Know the ins and outs of digital marketing.

Digital marketing has helped make peoples’ lives easier, and will eventually elevate the way we define convenience in a rapidly-changing tech environment. That’s why every founder and entrepreneur must know everything about digital marketing because it completely makes sense to master the platform that helps fuel startups’ growth at a faster pace or at the very least, find a reliable digital marketing agency like Contevo who can help you achieve your customer acquisition goal. Two of the best digital marketing tactics that you can start now is social media marketing and SEO. 

Social media marketing is the most basic channel out of all digital marketing channels, even small-time, local businesses utilise social media nowadays too. The social media platforms you should be on depends on who your users are and in order for you to track specific marketing goals, you can start creating paid ad campaigns for Facebook and Instagram to increase brand awareness, engagement, or drive people to your website. 

Meanwhile, search engine optimisation or SEO is the most powerful inbound marketing tactic for marketers and business owners because you can do it whether organic or paid, plus, it’s the most cost-effective method for customer acquisition. An open truth on how to improve your SEO is by optimising your own website first — and we mean speeding up site’s loading time, optimising your published relevant content with high-volume keywords, and making sure that it’s user- and mobile-friendly.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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