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3 Tips For Giving Your Business Cards A Facelift

While you might be wondering if business cards even have a place in the modern business world anymore, there are still plenty of reasons to purchase business cards for yourself, along with plenty of opportunities for you to give your business cards out and use them for your benefit. However, having just a traditional business card won’t really do the trick anymore. Rather, you need to give your business cards a bit of an update, both in the design of your business card and in its function and purpose.

Your Business Cards A Facelift

To help you see how this can be done, here are three tips for giving your business cards a facelift. 

Change Your Card’s Shape 

One of the first and most obvious ways that you can change up the look and feel of your business card is to change its shape. You can check out the different shapes of business cards on StationeryXpress.com.

Traditionally, business cards were a small rectangle shape. But while this might make it easy for a card to fit into your wallet or your pocket, there’s nothing about a basic rectangle that is going to make your business card stand out. But if your card was shaped in a different way, you can really make an impression.

When trying to decide what shape to make your business card, think about what type of work you do or what business you’re in. There could be a simple shape associated with this that might work for you. Or, you could go with a basic shape that isn’t just a rectangle. As long as it’s not too big and you can still fit all your information on it, it should work for you.

 Include A QR Code 

If you’re wanting to really take your business card into the modern business world, adding a QR code to the rest of your information can help you do this.

With a QR code on your business card, anyone who has your card can instantly be sent to your website or whatever other URL you want them to see simply by opening up the camera on their phone. This way, they don’t have to type in a website address to find the page you’re wanting to send them to. There’s no chance of typing in the wrong URL, since the QR code takes them to the exact page. 

Invest In A Special Finish 

Once you have your new business card designed in the way you want, you then have to think about what kind of finish you want it to have.

The finish of your business card can convey a lot of different things that you might not be able to showcase in other ways. For example, adding a special finish can help your card look and feel more luxurious or expensive, which can be hard for people to tell otherwise.

If you’re tired of your boring, old business cards and are ready for something new, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you learn what changes you can make for the better.

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