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3 Remote Addiction Treatment Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Getting rid of any addiction is difficult and rehab centres turned out to be a good help. All you need to is locate a good rehab center – for instance, if you are looking for a location-specific center, you could check out a rehab center near Vancouver, Wa – to help start the journey. However, going through a drug or alcohol addiction recovery at home is a great option for those who do not require a rehab facility for addiction treatment. However, there are still a number of difficulties that could arise from treating your dependency from home. This does not mean that you can not conquer these challenges though, and sober living is definitely achievable through homebound recovery. Here are 3 remote addiction treatment challenges and how to overcome them.

3 Remote Addiction Treatment Challenges

1. Isolation

It is normal to feel self isolated during remote addiction treatment. The possible emotional nature of alcohol or drug abuse recovery and intense withdrawal symptoms could make anyone pull away from others. There are multiple ways to get through this obstacle, however. The following are some ways that you can fight against self isolation.

Create a Support System: Having people to turn to for help during a difficult time can greatly improve your state of mind. It is important to share your thoughts, concerns, and emotions during this time, especially those experiencing mental health issues. Besides, it is never a good idea to keep things bottled up.

Keep in Touch With Friends and Family: Continuing to talk to friends and family can also make you feel much less isolated. This could be as simple as a letter, or even a phone call or visit if you feel comfortable. Going out to social events is also a great way to keep yourself distracted from cravings and withdrawal side effects while staying social if you feel up to it.

Join a Support Group: Joining a support group is a great way to meet people who are going through similar situations as you. This could make your addiction treatment seem less lonely. You could also have the chance to meet recovered addicts. Having the ability to hear their stories and advice can give you added motivation.

2. Finding Ways to Spend Your Time

When drugs or alcohol are no longer in the picture, you may find yourself with a lot of new found free time. The risk of relapse increases when nothing is found to fill this time and boredom escalates. Addiction recovery is a good time to get creative and do things that you have wanted to do, but haven’t started due to alcohol or drug dependency. Here are some healthy ways to keep yourself busy.

Avoiding Relapse: Relapse is a reality every addict must face and avoid at all costs. If you look at the statistics they are pretty worrying. 40-60 percent of recovering addicts relapse shortly after completing treatment. One of the most important things you must ask yourself is what is relapse? The more you know about relapse the easier it will be to avoid it. Remember addiction is a psychological chess game, the more prepared you are when you face these scenarios the better your chances are of being on the right side of the statistics.”

Get a Hobby: Getting a hobby is an excellent way to pass the time during addiction recovery. This is completely personalized, and is something that you should try to have fun with. Things like learning a new instrument, knitting, writing, painting, and drawing are some great creative outlets. These are particularly good because they can be easily done from home, but they also give you the option to attend a class and get social if desired. Past times such as reading and watching movies are other great options for keeping busy.

Get a Job: For those feeling well enough to do it, getting a job is a great way to keepAvoiding Relapse yourself busy and get paid while doing it. Doing this could give you a sense of purpose and get you out of the house during the day. The workplace is a great environment for meeting new people as well.

Start Exercising:Establishing an exercise routine is a valuable method for passing time. It keeps you healthy, helps establish a daily routine, and gives you extra goals to work towards. Reaching these goals can make you feel more accomplished and motivated for success in your treatment, which are helpful qualities while in recovery. If you need help, you can check the addiction treatment center.

3. Keeping Your Cravings Under Control

Dealing with addiction cravings and withdrawal symptoms outside of a rehab treatment center is possibly the most challenging aspect to remote addiction treatment. However, there are many ways to combat these challenges. These are some important things to think about when beginning your alcohol or drug abuse recovery from home.

Avoid Your Triggers: Avoiding your triggers is key to not  falling victim to your cravings. The biggest triggers to worry about are the people who you used to be around while drinking or using and the drug itself. The people in your support group can help you to keep away from your triggers.

Go To Therapy: Sometimes everyone needs a little bit of help during tough times. Therapy is a great outlet for getting your addiction cravings under control. Mental health problems can be a major trigger for a recovering addict. Therapy can help with this though. Talking to a therapist about your triggers, feelings of isolation, and withdrawal symptoms can help you learn about ways to cope with these things healthily.

Manage Withdrawal Symptoms: Withdrawal symptoms are another major reason why people tend to relapse, because intense cravings mixed with uncomfortable drug detox side effects can really wear a person down. However, working on handling and reducing these withdrawal symptoms can also assist you in dealing with your cravings. Distracting yourself from these symptoms is an excellent way to get through this difficulty, and things like eating healthy and staying hydrated can even reduce some side effects.

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