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3 Quick Tips To Boost Your Nectar Points

3 Quick Tips To Boost Your Nectar Points

Nectar is the UK’s largest loyalty program with over 19 million members collecting Nectar points.

It is a rewards system that is recognized by 100’s of retailers, with plenty of ways to redeem points for cash and vouchers to spend.

In the last 10 years, Nectar has paid over £2 billion in rewards to its members.

The name of the game is to collect points from as many places that you already spend money with, just like earning money in the background and making your cash go further.

There are plenty of ways to collect Nectar points, but here are 3 that won’t take much effort to start.

1. Use Daily Mail Rewards scheme

3 Quick Tips To Boost Your Nectar Points

The Daily Mail Rewards scheme or Mymail is the best tip on this list for getting the most Nectar points for the least spend.

The Daily Mail rewards its readers by supplying a unique set of numbers on the back of every issue. Readers enter the numbers online and receive Nectar points in return.

I you already read the Daily Mail, it’s a slam dunk for collecting extra points.

All you need to do is register on Mymail and link your Nectar card to your Mymail account. You can earn up to 80 Nectar points a week if you buy every issue in the week.

3 Quick Tips To Boost Your Nectar Points

That works out at over 12 points per £1 spent.

There are also great prizes to be won on Mymail, with monthly draws ranging from 1,000 extra Nectar points to trips abroad.

Find out more about the Mail Rewards scheme and setting up an account.

2. Shop at eBay

3 Quick Tips To Boost Your Nectar Points

Linking your Nectar card to your eBay account is a simple way of earning points while you shop.

If you already have an eBay account, it’s as easy as typing in your Nectar number to link the two, if you don’t have an eBay account, it is free to make one.

You will get 1 Nectar point for every £1 spent on the site. If you’re a frequent eBay buyer, it’s worth linking up your Nectar account.

You can then covert your points into vouchers and start spending them back on eBay.

Be aware that some categories on eBay are not eligible for Nectar points, these include:

  • Using gift cards or voucher codes with a purchase
  • Property
  • Motor vehicles (cars & motorcycles)
  • Holidays
  • Baby feeding formula

For more information on gaining Nectar points through, visit this FAQ page.

3. Fill up your car at Esso

3 Quick Tips To Boost Your Nectar Points

In 2019, Nectar ended their partnership with BP because the fuel company started their own loyalty scheme.

In June, Nectar partnered with Esso to allow members to collect points when they fill up their tank.

You will earn 1 point for every litre of fuel you put in your car or 2 points for every £1 spent in the Esso garage.

You can now earn points from over 1,000 Esso stations across the UK. To find your local Esso garage, go to the Nectar website.

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