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3 Most Popular Industries That Are ESG Focused

Prioritizing social responsibility and sustainability in the workplace is at the top for younger people entering the workforce. People are becoming more aware and concerned about the impact of businesses on the environment and the people around them. This leaves new people entering the workforce looking for more ESG employment options.

Popular Industries That Are ESG Focused

Most industry leaders are concerned with improving responsible business practices going forward. These aren’t issues they want to be addressed in the future. Business leaders seek people to help them adopt more sustainable and responsible business practices immediately. They can see the consumer demand shifting towards sustainability and responsibility, and they are looking for new ways to meet that demand.

Here are some of the most popular ESG employment options for those who are interested in practicing sustainability and responsibility in business.


ESG is an acronym that stands for Environment, Sustainable, and Governance. There are many ESG employment options in the financial sector. Many public companies get an ESG score from different agencies that measure their impact on the world. This helps investors and stakeholders make better decisions about investing in sustainable or socially responsible companies.

One financial ESG employment option may include helping companies improve their overall ESG score. People can also work with financial products that consider a company’s ESG scores, such as sustainable investing, or they can help companies improve their environmental impact. They may help develop or implement financial products for companies looking to improve their social responsibility.


ESG employment options in technology may include helping a company integrate more sustainable strategies or finding new ways to use technology to address challenges that bring down a company’s ESG score. Someone may help implement socially responsible practices, such as reducing a company’s carbon footprint or using technology to overcome supply chain issues responsibly.

Most companies already utilize technology, but the technology landscape changes every day. Additionally, ESG employment options mean technology will be used for more than just widening the profit margin. It will improve a company’s impact on the world and the people around it.


Consulting is another ESG employment option for those looking to work in a responsible field. One may consult with companies to develop a sustainability plan or even assess social responsibility within the company’s environment. Consulting is an ESG employment option which can also be used to help companies report their ESG performance.

The technology and consulting sectors are ESG employment options that are expected to continue growing as companies and people prioritize sustainability and social responsibility. No business is perfect, but there are many ways that each company can improve in the way of responsible sustainability and social business practices.

ESG Employment Options

ESG employment options may or may not be marketed as such, but the landscape is changing. People recognize the need for more sustainable and responsible business practices. This opens doors in many different sectors and expands business opportunities for thought leaders who want to take the lead to meet consumer demand. Going forward, people may opt for ESG employment options or become the ESG employment option by opening a socially responsible business.

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