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15 Must-Have Things On Your Bucket List

Bucket goals are everything you want to achieve including the dreams you wish to fulfil and life experiences you desire before you die. It indicates motivation, adventure, or the longing to live a bucket list lifestyle. We list some ideas, which you and I may want to achieve at some point in life. If you still don’t have a bucket list, find out how a small bunch of things-to-do, can affect your life. We are sure you get to pin down your own bucket ideas after reading this article.

15 Must-Have Things On Your Bucket List

  1. Arrive by Seaplane

Hiding from the world on a marooned island is a great personal holiday idea. Wish to make it even more special? Try the machine landing on the sea. The panoramic views will leave you gasping for more; such is the beauty of nature and crystal blue water landscapes.

  1. Catch a Wave Surfing

This is for the high adventure seeker in you. The adrenaline rushes your experience, when you use a BOTE paddle board into a big wave, is unmatched. It is a great thrill and a big ‘ me achievement’.

  1. Explore the Wildlife

Animal lovers always have a choice to enrich their knowledge and experience. No matter how many documentaries you watch, the sheer pleasure of watching the big 5 can be narrative and inspire both. It is a one-of-its-kind experience.

  1. Skydive

The high thrill or the sensory overload is a great personal experience. Try the adrenaline pumping to unwind, to have intense fun, with a sensory overload.

  1. Bathe an Elephant

We have seen them on television or littering around in a jungle. Elephants are the most puzzled about their behaviour. The only way to get to know them is to try and make them happy in the water. Elephants can swim too.

  1. Feed a Crocodile

They are ferocious, and thus intimidating. Your only way to get close to them is through feeding. It is a sweet gesture to serve crocodiles with love and care.

  1. Make a Snowman

The amusement and delight you may feel while vacationing with your kids, in snow are unmatched. Making figurines is even more. If you have not done it in your childhood, do it now.

  1. See a Coral Leaf

An underwater swim to watch the beauty of colourful corals is instant rejuvenation. It only gets more nature-involving in a beach town.

  1. Watch the sunset and sunrise on one day

It’s a mesmerising experience to carry large memories of nature, all within 24-hours. A sunrise and a sunset on one day can be a nature full personal moment. Like catching a glimpse of wonders in its entirety.

  1. Luxury Car

A mean machine, which is both powerful and beauty, is worth your time and investment. The experience is personal and unique, depending on your passion for driving it long on unwinding roads.

  1. Travel with a Stranger

A get-to-know travel experience can be memorising. Discovering the hidden gems of a location, or visiting the same destination from a new perspective, is both fun and engaging. It does aspire you to know more from a new companion on board.

  1. Bathe in a Natural Hot Spring

It can be good for your health, basically therapeutic. Nature mingling has many forms, and this is one of them. It rejuvenates you mentally and physically, relieving you of stress in your mind and muscle tension in the body.

  1. Tell Your Dad You Love Him

Saying something as simple as ‘dad, I love you’ can get you emotionally high. These few words have a deeper connection from the within. Nothing and nobody can steal this special moment from you.

  1. Buy a Vacation Property

Owing to a second or third property, in a vacation destination of choice, is living your dream. Spending time with family and friends adds to the cherished experience. Going alone and writing a book, may not be a far-fetched idea too.

  1. Design Your Own Wedding Jewellery

Unleash the creativity in you by doing some bit extra during the wedding time. We are high on creativity during this time and, there can be no better time to hone our skills than a personal wedding. It can be inspiring from the within.

Investing Towards the Bucket-List

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