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10 Ways to Compare Internet Service Providers

A lot of companies offer different Internet deals nowadays. It’s very tempting to move from one ISP company to another. How can you tell which company is the best and which one offers a better deal? Well, for starters, you can make a comparison at the Glimp website and check the broadband deals of many ISP companies in no time. And to give you more information, here are some factors you need to consider when opting for a particular ISP.

Cancellation Terms or Hidden Costs

Check your previous agreement with the ISP company and make sure there are no hidden costs or cancellation fees. Some companies put these fees onto paper to secure their clients and to make their deals look as attractive as possible. They put the best parts of the deal in the front and center to hide some intriguing or important terms and conditions. You need to be aware of any pitfalls, like for example, a notice period when you want to cancel a particular service. Long notice periods mean you’ll need to pay double during the transition period to a new Internet Service Provider company or stay with the old provider longer. Either way, it’s bad enough you need to suffer the bad internet connection and the awful service, now you need to do it for a bit longer.

Compare Internet Service Providers

Installation Costs

Installation costs can be a great way to compare ISP companies. Check their costs and whether you can use your existing hardware or you will need to purchase a new one. Fixed wireless ISP like 5G is more and more popular in some parts of the world, but this will require an installation of an antenna on your roof or outdoors.

Download and Upload Speeds

One of the best ways to compare ISP companies is to compare their broadband plans and the download and upload speed of their packages. Many ISPs offer fiber connection and asymmetrical high speed internet services. This means, that the download speed is not the same as the upload speed. Make sure the ISP company of your choosing has an as smaller gap as possible between these speeds.

Data Cap

While ISPs advertise a certain speed with their services, there are often some irregularities included. The companies have something called FUP – fair use policy which prevents abuse of your connection. If the ISP thinks your way of using the internet service will impact others, they may have your speed throttled. And when comparing the broadband plans, check for any data cap. If you don’t have any limitations while streaming or when you are web browsing, it’s called shaping. So you might need to look for an unshaped internet connection.

Compare Technologies

If the ISP companies do not use the same network technologies, there might be some differences in the services they offer. The big difference nowadays is between the wireless 4G/5G and fiber internet.

Compare Technologies Internet Service Providers

Customer Support

Customer support is important in every ISP company. Perhaps the most important factor. If you are facing any issue and there is nobody to help you or resolve your problem, you will feel frustrated and on the edge. The best place to look for information about the quality of service is from third-party sources.


Another key when comparing ISP is downtime. Does the service face connection interruptions? If so, how often? Check these things before you sign any contract.

Do Not Go For a Longterm Commitment

No matter how attractive the deals might sound, do not lock yourself into a long-term commitment with the same company. You might pay a little extra in the short term, but at least you’ll have an idea of the type and quality of services the ISP company provides.


Is the ISP reliable? This is the determining factor when you compare internet providers. Do not sign up with the first ISP company that comes to your mind. A lot of these companies spend huge amounts of money on advertising, so be aware that there might be some smaller budget-friendly operators in your area that are not exposed greatly. Make sure the internet provider is reliable and offers good services.

Bundled Services

Bundling or not bundling your services can impact your budget. Bundles are packages that are provided together and they can include internet, phone, and television in one plan. The benefit of such plans is you can use each service in a less expensive way. When looking for bundled services consider whether you use a landline, do you need it, are you watching more Netflix or you are looking for that specific cable TV show? Will the bundled services cost more or less than all of the services being paid separately? If you decide that this way you will save more, then go for it!

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