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10 Tips To Write An Outstanding Personal Statement In 2019

A personal statement is one of the most important essays students are required to write. This essay will be a huge part of the decision making process. In order for students to be accepted into a program, a personal statement will need to be attached. There are a lot of rules to writing a personal statement, but this can vary. The length, format and information can change, depending on where you apply.

10 Tips To Write An Outstanding Personal Statement In 2019

If you are not confident about your own writing skills, you can find personal statements writing services online. In this case, it is important to tell the writer as much as possible. Your personal statement needs to be a reflection of who you are. It is not always easy for someone else to capture your personality. This is why you need to communicate clearly. If you want to take the task on yourself, these tips will help you nail it.

1.      Start with a great title

Do not neglect the process of coming up with a great title. This can set you apart from the rest of the applicants. A personal statement title needs to create a level of curiosity. The reader should be immediately interested in who you are.

2.      Engaging opening sentence

Straight after the title, you need to write an opening sentence. This is more important than what some might think. If you lose the reader here, the rest of your essay could not be read. You do not want to leave the best bits for last.

3.      Don’t be modest

One of the mistakes students make when writing a personal statement is to downplay their achievements. You have worked hard to get some skills under your belt. This is not the time to display your modest side. Go at it with confidence. Start with some of your highest accolades and achievements.

4.      Prove it

It is easy to say that you are a great leader, but you are going to have to convince the reader. Why do you believe that you are a great leader? What are some projects you lead? In order to provide evidence, you need to go into as much detail as possible. It needs to be believable.

5.      Beyond school

Did you achieve anything outside of the classroom? This is a very important section you need to include. You want to show that you are a well-rounded individual. When it comes to great personal statements you want to think outside of the box. It is safe to say that your academic scores are important. It is just as important to mention some hobbies or extracurricular activities. Tie these in with some of the life goals you have.

6.      Leave out the clichés

The reader of the personal statement is already aware that you are passionate about this course. There is no need to mention it. When clichés are all over your personal statement it can display a level of immature writing. You want to be seen as a professional. Instead of using clichés, you can simply stick to actual facts.

7.      Manage your time

Allocate enough time to this process to avoid an essay that looks rushed. You need a lot of time to think about everything you want to include. It is easy to identify an essay that has been left to the last minute. This can also show that you are not committed to the process.

8.      Honesty

We can easily start judging ourselves and our achievements. One of the reasons people lie about their skills is because they don’t believe the original story is enough. Do not fall into this trap. A lot of what you say can be checked on. Always be honest and transparent. You do not know what they are looking for. Never make up fake achievements.

9.      Read it a few times

You want to make sure that you have fixed all of the grammar and spelling errors. Read your essay to a friend or out loud to yourself. It is easier to pick up mistakes when you hear the words. You want to go over it a few times to make sure it’s as good as it can be. There are also good grammar checkers you can use.

10. Let it go

When you finally submit your application, you need to mentally let it go. Do not overthink it. There might be some important details you remember after submitting. This should not keep you up at night. A lot of hard work goes into a personal statement and the worst thing to do, is doubt yourself afterwards.

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