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10 Social Media Statistics You Need To Know

Social media apps are becoming profitable day by day, more and more people are joining these platforms and are spending most of their free time on them.

Social Media Statistics You Need To Know

Hence that’s the reason plenty of new companies are also investing a lot to build a social media app from where they can generate results effectively.

This is quite challenging these days, because platforms like Instagram, Facebook and others are dominating the industry and it would not be an easy task to gather an audience for your new platform.

To give you a better clarity around how already existing platforms are dominating the social media world, let’s check out the social media statistics you need to know.

10 Social Media Statistics You Need To Know: 

Here is the list of statistics you should be knowing about social media platforms before getting into this business:

  • As we have already discussed, the usage of social media is increasing day by day and now there are more than 3.78 billion social media users throughout the world. And this number is going to increase on a daily basis, moreover the major reason why we are noticing a number of people joining these social media platforms is because of the increasing possibilities for mobile users.
  • Facebook is considered as the market leader of social media. With more than 2.32 billion active monthly users, Facebook is the most used social media platform, not only that you would be able to notice that Facebook group is buying most of the other platforms.

Hence they are aggressively working on expanding their reach through other potential social media platforms.

  • Social media platforms are being used by people from every age group. You would be able to notice that 84% of people aged between 18 and 29 are using social media on a daily basis. While if you are checking out the age group 30 to 49 years you’ll notice 81% of people using these platforms.

Not only that people whose age is between 50 to 64 years, 73% of people from this age group are using social media platforms.

  • When we mentioned that most of the people are using social media platforms during their free time, it was not a lie, here’s the proof. In research it was figured out the latest social media statistics showed that average usage of social media is around 2 hours and 25 minutes.
  • Brands are using social media marketing strategies with the help of which they are able to build brand awareness, generate leads and take advantage of many more such things.

Not only that, there are a few brands and businesses who are just using social media marketing to generate results and they are available on no other platform.

  • You would be shocked after knowing this statistic but more than 54% of people are using social media to research about the products and services they want to buy. So it is important for all of us to get on social media platforms to showcase our products and services with the help of which we can target our customers and generate amazing results.
  • One of the major ways with which you can take advantage of social media marketing is by providing the best possible services to your customers and right after taking those services when they will talk about your services and the benefits they got on social media.

You would be able to get the best results in this way. Also make sure that you as a business are engaging with your audience through comments, likes, mentions and more.

  • You can even take advantage of influencer marketing with the help of which you can reach out to your target audience in one go.
  • Stories are one of the biggest and most profitable integrations in social media platforms. With the help of this integration you can reach out to your customers and even the reach is enhanced for stories rather than the posts.
  • 91% of social media platform users use these platforms via mobile phones.


This was all about some of the most important social media statistics you need to know. Hence make sure to check out these statistics before making the investment to build a social media app.

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