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10 Applications for Your Instagram to Make it Outstanding

As of 2019, Instagram has over 1 Billion of users with a perfect engagement rate. Millions of unique posts attract more and more people from all over the Web. But Instagram tools and analytics might lack many useful features that users need today. For instance, Instagram has only 24 filters so far, a basic visitor analytics panel and does not provide you with a repost tool. For some middle size business, big brands and bloggers this can be a challenge to promote their content. But analyzing the audience with few a few instruments at hand is even more difficult.

However, there are dozens of perfect solutions and awesome applications on the Internet that will definitely improve your experience with Instagram.

1. VSCO photo editing app

VSCO is a free app that works on Android and iOS and it helps you get access to great filters and picture editing tools. Everything that Instagram is missing in content design and editing is right in VSCO.

2. Pixlr

With Pixlr your creativity reaches an even higher level. It’s a free app for iOS and Android that will help you build your own filters. You can adjust colors, shades and and shapes of photos. Altogether it brings you to a new designer level. No boring photos anymore.

3. Likigram

Likigram is the best SMM service for getting Instagram Likes and Instagram Followers instantly. You can get a Free Instagram Likes package with 50 items as a test. Likgiram can also provide your account with up to 250,000 Instagram Likes and Followers within a few hours. This app has high quality accounts and 24/7 support that makes them an outstanding service. So if your account looks totally newbie and unattractive, than you can easily buy instagram followers for reasonable prices and get them really quick.

4. Crowdfire

This app finds all your idle followers who do not show any activity for a long time. This type of followers is useless and does not increase the engagement rate of your account. So, the best way to deal with them is to identify them and unfollow. This app is a great fit for this.

5. Tracker for Instagram

Instagram lacks analytics really bad. You don’t have much insight on who to follow or who to unfollow. Especially, how to manage a multiple following or multiple unfollowing. This app will help you follow and unfollow your friend list in masses.

6. Instatag

As you probably know, Instagram tags are powerful tools for any individual or business on Instagram. You can reach a million Instagram views with the right popular hashtag. Instatag shows you current popular hashtags that will for sure attract more exposure to your content.

7. Instagram Insights

Instagram actually has its own analytic tool that provides you with a couple of basic insights on account. This panel requires you to turn your account into business profile and thus get access to the better analytics from Instagram. It can show how your audience really looks like in terms of gender, age, geography. It also provides you with the basic understanding of the engagement rate.

Summing things up

As you can see, Instagram has not that many native tools and analytics. However, you always can improve your insight and experience with additional apps that usually come with free packages.

Suumit Shah
Suumit Shah
Suumit is the serial entrepreneur, a digital marketing expert with more than 8 years of experience in running a successful digital marketing agency by the name of Risemetric. To know more about him, you can follow him on Twitter


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