Tata Value Homes

Joint Venture between Tata Value Homes and Housing.com

With the whole subsidiary of Tata Housing, Tata Value Homes have joined its hand with Housing.com. In the world of real estate market, this step has proven to be very successful. This partnership will let the customers have a 3D view of the property they are interested in. Let’s check out what other things this joint venture has to offer to its clients and how they will be beneficial to

How is Tata Housing making budget homes fashionable?

When Tata Value Homes was established in 2010, no one had anticipated that the company would gain so much ground in a matter of 4 years! In 2014, almost 60% of the total 55 million square feet of Tata housing under development is being developed by Tata Value Homes. Those who are not aware of it, Tata Value Homes is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata housing company. It is