Christmas Party Games, Santa Games Ideas for Christmas 2016

One of the most parts of Christmas celebration is Christmas party for which people prepare in advance and call upon guests or closed ones. Christmas games make the Christmas party more amusing. So, here are few creative Christmas or Santa game ideas for this Christmas 2016.

Christmas Party Games

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These Christmas party games will keep all little champs as well as mixed-age family members busy in the party and are perfect for this holiday season. Have a fun and entertainment with these Santa games and don’t forget to offer prizes to the winners and Christmas gifts to the participants.

Christmas Party Games, Santa Games Ideas for Christmas 2016

Christmas Party Games, Santa Games Ideas

  • Santa in Style : For this game, divide the children equally into teams and each team will choose one person to be Santa. Then give a bag of items with which Santa can be made to each team. The team which dresses a chosen person first would be the winner.
    Christmas Party Games, Santa Games Ideas
  • Gift Unwrap Relay: For this game, you will have to wrap the gift beforehand in several empty boxes or in several layers of paper. Keep a holiday treat in a box and start wrapping that box layer upon layer, for as long as you can stand it. Have the kids at the Xmas party sit in a circle then play Christmas music or Christmas carol. After intermittently stopping the music let the child holding the gift unwrap a single layer at a time, until all of the layers are unwrapped and the treats are handed out.
  • Name that Holiday Tune: In this classical Santa game you have to play a few notes of a Xmas carol or Xmas song, and let the children guess the name of the tune. If the kids are extra brilliant you can even ask them to guess the name of the artist.

Christmas Party Games, Santa Games Ideas Christmas Party Games, Santa Games Ideas Christmas Party Games, Santa Games Ideas

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Few other popular Christmas games include Christmas Card Jigsaw Race, Pin the Nose on Rudolph, Rip A Christmas Tree, Snowman Game, Twelve Days of Christmas Relay and more. Good part is that these games can be played by individuals of any age.

Enjoy Xmas party with these Christmas games to celebrate this Xmas 2016 with a bang!

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