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ZingHR: Top 5 Reasons To Use This HR Software

ZingHR is a payroll management and human resource software which helps in enhancing numerous business processes to their optimal level. An efficient software, it can work continuously with the organization and simplify a host of business operations. Apart from this, the software has some great features such as Artificial Intelligence, voice–based chatbot and a very high calculating speed. Then again, it has a user friendly interface and, hence, can be used by anyone.

ZingHR: Top 5 Reasons To Use This HR Software

Moreover, the software is specialized for the hiring process and its artificial intelligence can conduct interviews in real time. ZingHR offers support in 21 languages and has added voice assistance powered by Google assistant to improve the level of simplicity in the overall user experience.

ZingHR can perform more than 500 calculations within a minute with fantastic accuracy. It has a machine learning system which can boost the hiring by more than 92%. ZingHR software can also keep a track record of the loans and advances taken by the employees.

ZingHR software is available in 5 packages which are as follows:-

  • Welcome Pack
  • Custom Pack
  • Turbo Pack
  • Business Pack and
  • Power Pack

Price, features and specifications varies from package to package. ZingHR gives you an option to customize your pack as per your requirements and the price will be adjusted accordingly.

Now, the Zing HR software is considered as one of the best software solution for HR and Payroll management solutions. Its makers have been in this field for a very long time, 18 years to be precise. The software has provided services to some of the most renowned brands in the market. The list includes illustrious names such as General Insurance, SBI, HDFC, Mahindra, DHL, Burger King and the like.

ZingHR is updated every 45 days in order to deliver new features, improving the existing ones and to keep your business compliant with the with set of rules and regulations made or amended by the authorities.

Why do You Need to Use ZingHR Software?

As described above, ZingHR software offers a wide range of benefits with a variety of customization through its different packages. Following are the five chief benefits of using ZingHR software:-

1) Accessibility

ZingHR has a user friendly interface, which makes this software easy to use. Being a multilingual software, ZingHR provides assistance in as many as 21 languages. Hence, there is no such thing as a language barrier when using it. This software comprises Artificial intelligence and voice based chatbot which can take interview in real time, something that streamlines and upgrades the recruitment process in leaps and bounds in the final analysis.

That apart, it also allows the user to access this software on their cellphones by providing a mobile based application. The app makes it easy to access the personal data.

2) Speed

The software can perform more than 500 error free calculations within a minute. ZingHR software hikes the speed of business processes operations without compromising the quality by so much as a whit. It has effective artificial intelligence and an in built learning mechanism which can boost speed of the hiring process by up to 92%.

As mentioned above, ZingHR can maintain a track record of all the advances drawn by the employees and the loans taken by the organization. This feature helps you focus on the more important operations of the business without having to worry about record keeping, maintaining accounts, or compliance with the latest changes in laws and regulations. Smooth like silk.

3) Cost Effective

ZingHR is a cost effective HR software solution available in different packages as per the requirements of the user. It can also be customized to your peculiar needs and requirements. Hence, the user can reduce the overall cost of the software by customizing and excluding the unwanted features. And since you are paying only for those features that you are purchasing, the software becomes highly cost effective.

Another way ZingHR cuts down wasteful expenditure is by minimizing the need for human labor. This, it does through its powerful HR and payroll management system. It can also predict the number of employees needed to meet the demands of the business, a feature that can further control labor costs. Ultimately, when there is a reduction or optimization in the number of hired employees, the overall expenditure of the organization will also come down.

Hence, ZingHR is a two way cost effective software solution.

4) Automatic Updates

ZingHR management software updates itself in every 45 days irrespective of the package that you have purchased. Just like any other software, automatic updates are an inbuilt feature of this application. But unlike other software and application, this automization do not annoy the user with unnecessary update notifications. It provides the system of additional supportive features and improves the existing ones.

More importantly, it also updates the statutory requirements that your business is supposed to comply with and provides the software tools to do so. Considering how expensive and troublesome legal issues can be, this feature is a real trouble saver!

5) Zero Maintenance

ZingHR management software is a one-time investment and doesn’t require any kind of maintenance charges to be paid subsequently. It has the feature of automatic updates which are totally free of cost. This software does not ask the user to pay for updates to improve the existing features or to install the additional ones.

Automatic update is the only maintenance required by the ZingHR software and it just needs the permission of the administrator accessing the system. ZingHR mobile application also works on the same principle of zero maintenance and just needs timely updates in order to synchronize with the latest compliances.


ZingHR management software is a one stop solution for all the HR and payroll management functions of your business. It is not just cost effective but also easy to access. With its AI and multilingual assistance, ZingHR is a complete package to take the business functions to the optimal level.

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