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Your Amazon Storefront Is Open for Business, but What’s With the Crickets? 5 Ways to Get Your Storefront Discovered Online

There’s nothing more frustrating than pouring all your energy into designing an appealing Amazon storefront, only to be confronted with crickets – no customers banging down your virtual door.  Thankfully, there are strategies you can use to get your Amazon storefront discovered online.  If you’ve got a storefront, but lack visitors or customers, read further. We’ll share with you five tips on how to get your Amazon storefront found online and how to start experiencing a wave of customers visiting your e-commerce shop.

Amazon Storefront Is Open for Business

Optimize Your Listings

If you don’t know anything about keywords or keyword-optimizing, your Amazon storefront can be the most beautiful place selling the most stellar products – but it’s simply not going to get noticed online.  Optimizing your storefront and your listings with well-researched keywords and content is arguably the best way to get found on the internet.  Utilize an Amazon keyword generator to enhance your listings and capture better search results.  The better you optimize, the better your search ranking will be – resulting in your storefront getting found on the internet.

Snoop on Your Competitors

It doesn’t sound like a very attractive strategy, but the fact is, the best way to get better visibility is to consider what your competitor is doing.  If someone in your niche is crushing sales and rolling in positive customer reviews – you’ve got to learn what they’re doing to accomplish that.  You can get apps that can help you analyze your competitors. Armed with this information, you can make changes to your storefront and listings that can prompt promising results for your online store’s visibility.

Boost Customer Reviews

You might be asking, “If I don’t have any customers, how can I possibly boost my Amazon storefront customer reviews?”  Good point.  Initially, if you have little to no sales, you might have to employ some clever strategies to get reviews flowing.  For example, you can put out an email to your subscriber list incentivizing them to leave reviews.

Or, you could offer a free product or discount to any customer who has made a purchase – as long as they leave a review.  You might also recruit friends and family to buy from your Amazon store and ask them to leave reviews.

One mistake to avoid as an Amazon seller is to fake reviews or hire online companies that promise they can stuff your store with five-star reviews.  This is known as a “black hat” practice and is frowned upon by both search engines and Amazon and could result in your store shutting down.

Woo Customers In With Targeted Advertising

If you think that online marketing and advertising simply aren’t worth the investment – there is some truth to that belief.  The reality is that paying for pay-per-click ads and spewing them out on Amazon or Facebook randomly without a game plan is very similar to throwing money away.  The key to effective ad campaigns is to do the research.

Pin down exactly who your target audience is, learn about your prime demographics, and focus on what this group of potential customers needs. You might also want to hire a professional marketing agency that can develop specialized ads tailored to your demographic.  Ads can be money-sucking, but they can also be highly successful (when done thoughtfully) in getting attention to your Amazon storefront.

Get Social

Using social media to tout the excellence of your Amazon business is a fast track to gaining awareness from potential customers online.  If you don’t have a significant amount of followers on your social media, then consider working with a partner who does.  Or, you might be able to work with an influencer.

Influencers can be effective because they can promote, review, or talk about your product on their own social media feeds and tell their followers how to find your Amazon store.  Regular, targeted posts to your audience (either done yourself or with influencers) is a proven way to get eyes on your business and sales in your store.


Running an Amazon storefront can be an incredibly rewarding experience. It can be very lucrative too.  But the money and rewards simply won’t come if your store isn’t getting found online.  After reading these tips for getting your Amazon storefront discovered online, you should be in a far better position to get the customers and sales rolling in and on your way to having a thriving e-commerce shop.

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