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You Need To Have A Digital Business Card! Here’s Why

Technological advancements are impacting and improving all aspects of the business. Most of these advancements are facilitating people to conduct business in a more efficient manner.

Networking has also witnessed many changes. Traditional paper business cards, which were the norm of providing people with one’s contact info and business details, are now being replaced by digital business cards. Digital cards are proving to be much more efficient than the physical ones.

There are a number of reasons why you need to consider getting rid of your paper cards and start to use virtual business cards instead:

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You’ll never run out of cards

You are likely to meet a number of people at networking events who would be interested in your business. But there are only so many paper cards that you can carry in your pocket. If you run out of cards before the end of the event, you might miss out on the opportunity to give your business details to an attendee.

Having a digital business card will help you avoid these problems. You can share it with as many people as you want. Moreover, using a digital card for networking is bound to create a positive impression on the attendees.

You will get more opportunities

When you are looking to get hired by a company, you will most likely be attending various job fairs to present your resume to them. Before you head out, you will have to be prepared with a good resume that will impress the people who are hiring.

Using a digital business card at such an event will smoothen things up for you as you can easily share it with any company representative you interact with and they can access your resume digitally at an instant. This will give you an edge over other candidates who hand out physical cards as it will take some time for the representatives to throw their credentials.

You will always be prepared

You can never know when a great opportunity knocks your door. You shouldn’t think that networking events are the only place where you will meet people interested in working with you. It can happen at a coffee shop, a birthday party, or at almost any place. That is why you need to be prepared at all times.

A digital smart business card will ensure that you seize the moment every time it bumps into you. You don’t have to worry about not having a business card with you as it will always be accessible on your mobile.

It will help you stand out

When you offer someone your digital business card, you will be creating a lasting impression upon them as it will be a unique experience for them. Standing out in someone’s memory is key to ensuring that they follow-up with you.

With a paper card, it’s only possible for the receiver to remember some details about the person’s credentials. Plus, 88% of traditional business cards are thrown out in less than a week. But with a digital card, you can embed important links that highlight some of your work and there’s no way to throw it out.

These links can be accessed by the receiver after the event and they will be much more likely to get in touch with you.

 In fact, a digital card can act as a mini portfolio for you. You can easily include details about all of your important credentials that others might be interested in.

Easy to get in touch

You Need To Have A Digital Business Card

When you’ve given someone a traditional paper card, it will be very difficult for you to contact them as you will most likely not have their info. But when you share your digital card with someone, you can easily send them a reminder via an SMS or email if they haven’t followed up with you after a couple of days.

This will greatly improve the chances of them going through your credentials and getting in touch with you. Besides that, you can also include links to your various social media profiles in your card which will allow the receiver to contact you via any medium that they are comfortable with.

Virtual business cards can help you take your networking efforts to a higher level. You can easily design one for yourself by using one of the several softwares available on the market or use this awesome business card mockup design freebie to create photorealistic digital business cards within minutes. 

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