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Working of an Air Cooler

We all know that Air Coolers are the best way to fight the hot summer days on a budget.

If you’ve not own a Air cooler yet we strongly recommended you to get best air cooler in india.

You can get more than one air cooler and install in two or more rooms at the price of an Air Conditioner. But do you know how Air Cooler works?

Well, Air Cooler which is commonly known as Evaporative Coolers works on the process of evaporation. It uses evaporation of water and thus cools the environment and it can also be used as a humidifier. To explain it in a much better way, In this article let’s discuss the working of an Air Cooler.

Air Cooler

Evaporative Air Cooler is a natural and eco-friendly way of cooling the air. It works mostly when the humidity level is at max 60% to allow the temperature to decrease.

In the dry climate where the humidity level is very low the Air Cooler works more effectively, and the effectiveness decreases with the increase in moisture level.

This process is very much similar to the air flowing over the lake. The water lowers the temperature and the air becomes cold and you feel a chilled breeze blowing towards you.

The Air Cooler is not as better as an Air Conditioner because it doesn’t use refrigerant gas and compressor to cool air in your room.

However, Air Cooler has many advantages over an Air Conditioner such as less electricity consumption, Budget friendly, Portability, and Environment friendly.

Parts of an Air Cooler

There are various parts which are needed in the making of an Air cooler such as:

  • The Fans – The air which is cooled by the Air Cooler is continuously thrown out towards the room by Fans. Some cooler comes with a Actual fan design while others comes with a blower design mainly in small Air Coolers.
  • A Water Supply – Evaporative Air Cooler needs water, without Water there will not be any Evaporation process. That’s why Air Cooler has a separate water tank that needed to be filled.
  • The Cooling Pads – Air Passes through the cooling pads and they absorbs the water to cool the air passing through them.
  • Distributors – Distributors consists of Cooling pumps and pipes running throughout the air cooler which distributes the water from the tank and drops it evenly on the cooling pads.

How Air Cooler Works?

So when you turn on the Air Cooler the first thing it does is to distribute the water evenly on the Cooling pads to ensure that the water is absorbed properly.

“Some Cooler uses normal wood wool pads while some Air Cooler uses Honeycomb pads. The cooling efficiency of honeycomb pads are much better because it has higher surface area for the air to pass and it also last longer”

Now the Hot air along with the dust particles and other harmful substance enters the Air Cooler through the filter. The filter ensures that the harmful substance should left out and only the clean air enter the Air Cooler.

 Then the process of Cooling and Humidifying starts. The air on the outside passes the wet cooling pads. Now because of transfer of heat the from air to water, the air temperature then drops making the air colder. This cold air is then thrown/blown out by the fan or blower into the room.

The Evaporative cooler won’t work well in enclosed place. The room where the cooler is kept must have doors and windows to allow the natural air flow. You can also use the Evaporative air cooler to humidify the dry air. This is called Humidification and can be done by enclosing the room. The windows and doors must be closed allowing the air to circulate.

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