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Why The MacBook Air Laptop Is Such A Great Choice

The quest to build a thinner, more lightweight laptop reached a big milestone in the year 2008 when Steve Jobs reached into an inter-office envelope and pulled out the new, fully functional MacBook Air to the amazement of the audience and the world. The premium 13-inch model was touted as the world’s thinnest laptop, and the MacBook Air has since become known as the “Default Mac”, meaning the one you can feel secure buying even if you aren’t sure what your needs for it are going to be, it’s that versatile.

While all Apple products are quite sturdy, even given the ultra-thin design of their laptops, things can go wrong sometimes, but repairs are easy to make, having a MacBook Air screen replacement done only takes a few minutes and your laptop will be as good as new.

Knowing that they had success on their hands, Apple introduced an 11-inch MacBook Air model in the year 2010. It proved to be as popular as they had hoped it would be, and by 2011 it had pushed the plain MacBook out of the Number 1 spot in the entry-level machine class. Everyone loved the slender, easy-to-carry MacBook Air, it quickly became the go-to laptop for college students and business executives, you couldn’t walk into a coffee shop without seeing one open on a table next to a Caffe Latte.

The MacBook Air combined all the features people were looking for in a laptop, portability, affordability, and the computing power to handle anything the user could throw at it! All that, and it had what was considered to be a very attractive design as well, users couldn’t help but feel a bit proud when they pulled one out of its envelope-thin carrying case!

In the world of computers time races by much faster than in any other industry, and by the year 2018 the MacBook Air in its current form was beginning to grow a bit old, so Apple worked up a major update to its already wildly successful design to bring it up to date with the changing times. The new model featured a Retina display with a higher pixel density than its predecessors, making on-screen images and text appear crisper and easier for the eye to view. The new MacBook Air revamp also added USB-C ports to better handle audio and video transfers, Touch ID for security, and a fresh new look with an even slimmer form, smaller bezels, and a lighter weight.

The update was not too surprisingly a huge success, but Apple, a company that prides itself on its dedication to innovation with the customer’s needs always clearly in focus, never stops improving on their products! So, following the grand Apple tradition, in the year 2020, the MacBook Air became one of the first laptops to switch over from Intel processors, the former top-of-the-line for that essential component, to their own in-house Apple Silicon M1 chips.  This was such a great success the M2 model followed along in 2022, making the MacBook Air even more blazing faster than ever!

The MacBook Air stands today as one of the best, most affordable laptops on the market, give it a try!

John Paul
John Paul
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