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Why So Many Students Are Using Essay Writing Services?

During the last years, various online platforms that offer writing services have mushroomed on the Internet. Numerous students both from high-school and colleges address these platforms to receive the finished assignments. Here arouses the question: is it cheating? And what are the reasons driving the pupils to seek for such offers?

Different writing services are a safety net for students. Many of them choose to buy custom essay online and pay for their assignments in order to graduate. It is evident that not everyone can be a good writer. At the same time, acquiring writing skills is one of the main priorities in curricula for modern students.

Writing assignments take a large part of all the tasks in colleges. At the same time, their influence on the final grade of the student is really huge. No wonder, that most of the students are under constant pressure as the requirements are really strict and it is even less time to work on them.

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Why Students Choose Online Platforms?

As it was already mentioned, essay writing standards are really high. If the student can’t correspond to all the norms and requirements and can’t write a coherent paper by the school graduation, it will be difficult for him or her to study at college. Moreover, it is usually a hallmark of scholarship.

There are numerous essay types and all of them have their certain and specific peculiarities that need to be followed. Those who can’t do this are usually not considered as successful students by many standards. It seems that some writing is not as time-consuming as it is in reality. But it is also necessary to remember about other types of homework in colleges. No wonder that pupils found some innovative ways to deal with the situation.

What Are These Online Platforms?

On such a platform, any student can find an author who will work on his or her assignment. These authors are mostly freelance writers who have a lot of experience and knowledge in a certain field. However, this could also be professors or those, who work in the company office – each platform can have its own circumstances but in general, they are the same.

Many Students Are Using Essay Writing Services

Is It Bad?

Most teachers and professors see the use of the side help as cheating while the students are not so judgmental. Some of them address the platforms only in emergency cases or use the possibility to proofread the paper by the professional writer. However, it is evident that the use of such platforms is also harmful to a student. He or she doesn’t have the possibility to practice and to improve inwriting.

Clearly, each student should know how to write an essay following all the academic standards. However, teachers and professors should address the situation with help from online platforms with a bigger understanding to avoid such situations.

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