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Why is it called Good Friday – Meaning of Good Friday

Have you ever thought why is Good Friday called “Good” when nothing good happens. An innocent man was declared guilty and tortured every day until he died.  Despite all the horrors of the day, Good Friday actually brings good news.  Good Friday 2019 is a dark day in all aspects as Jesus died on cross for our sins. It is a bright day because death and resurrection on Easter Sunday paved our relation with God.


The good thing is that Jesus asked people to spread his messages and for this, he said that it is important to understand that the bad thing is in human nature. Once we see the slaves in us, the deliverance makes a good sense. Ten Commandments were enforced to protect people from walking away from God and protecting them. Such thing had become compulsory to bring faith, mercy and kindness in hearts of people. Jesus did not come to abolish law.

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Many people do not know all these things and they keep wondering why such a sad day is considered happy. Good Friday 2018 is an auspicious day where people forgive each other. Churches are draped in dark and good words of Jesus are spread around. On this very day, churches remain in the dark. People pay homage to God by observing day on Black day. A bitter drink is served after the service on this day.

Good Friday Art Wallpaper

Christians conduct plays to portray the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. In some places, processions can be seen. Good Friday is just to arrive and people are looking for different ways like images, quotes, status, etc for wishing their loved ones. Share good messages all over and bring out the positive side of people on this auspicious Good Friday.

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